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Is there such an idiom as "to turn a cold ear toward somebody"?
Hello, I'm readying the book Roots by Alex Haley, which is about a history of an American black family in ...
idiom 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by sun4some1
1 answer
"Use of: In the memory of"
"The photo was shared in the memory of all those beautiful years when my friends and I were together." Is ...
idiom Phrase +1 vote, asked Aug 09 by Alisha
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"Lay Heads Together" Idiom Usage
The idiom "to lay (put) heads together" means to consult together. My question is whether this word group can be ...
idiom meaning question 0 votes, asked Jul 30 by Юлия Жилко
1 answer
what does it mean?
what does the writer mean in the Bold: "it is usually with a knowing nod and a wink: and the ...
meaning idiom +1 vote, asked Feb 22 by MO Sin
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the meaning of put too much weight
"it is not wise to put too much weight on arguments ...." what does "put too much weight on" mean?
idiom weight +1 vote, asked Dec 18 '15 by MO Sin
3 answers
About vs Around
Which of the two sentences is correct, and why? He was around three years of age when his father became ...
Around about grammar idiom age +2 votes, asked Jun 10 '15 by Tong Fei
2 answers
Verb's grammar in a phrase
When using a phrase "one ____, one____" (assuming blank is a verb), what tense should I use for the verb? ...
Phrase idiom verb 0 votes, asked May 28 '15 by jason
1 answer
idiomatic usage
I pulled the brakes. OR I pulled at the brakes. What's the correct usage.
idiom is-my-sentence-correct Usage 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Divyanshu Sharma
1 answer
Hi. What do we say when sb is making noise by playing with his/her pen in the class and we ...
idiom 0 votes, asked Jan 28 '14 by Javadsh
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