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is it right to say ? i am going to shoemaker ?
i am going to shoemaker or i am going to cobbler?
is ideas +2 votes, asked Dec 24 '15 by Swapna Khaira
1 answer
Punctuation: how do I use '※ ※ ※' to separate ideas?
Recently I saw these '※ ※ ※' being used like I've never seen before. I'm used to seeing ※ ※ ...
punctuation separate ideas how 0 votes, edited Feb 18 '13 by Iain Sutherland
3 answers
Is my sentence grammatically correct?
Knowing that people hate you can sometimes strip away your confidence. Is it fine? or should I use "strip off" ...
grammar Sentence Word ideas 0 votes, asked Aug 24 '12 by user22
1 answer
Reworking my Conclusion
My conclusion: Although the relationship between a Korean immigrant mother and a 2nd generation Korean American daughter remains unclear, it’s ...
conclusion rework teacher help ideas 0 votes, asked Mar 19 '12 by Natalie Swope
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