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Choose the correct sentence based on AP Style Guidelines. Which one is correct? A through D 1. After being marinated ...
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Homework responses?
As a responder, what do I do with what appears to be people's homework as questions? I had thought we ...
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research paper!!!(gatsby related)
can anyone help me write a research paper on fashion in the 20's..?? please please please..!!!
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What is the subject of this sentence? What is the predicate?
Please HELP. I am trying to help my 5th grade brother with his grammar hw and this one is confusing ...
predicate subject homework identify 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '15 by Britney Vedia
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Use incalescence in a sentence?
Could you help me out by telling me if this sentence is worded right? "She hands you a piece and ...
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my future home
discuss and design afuture home and write 4 sentences to descride it.
homework 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '14 by Meshal Sures Rao
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Please help me convert these simple sentences to compound or complex?
During the coming holidays, my sister and I are planning to take a trip to Kimberley that are located in ...
help homework -1 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by PuPa
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Elliptical clause
What is an elliptical clause & how do you know when its present? What word(s) can identify an elliptical clause, ...
grammar homework help elliptical clause 0 votes, asked Mar 04 '13 by Nidia Herrera
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Does the word 'setting' need an 's' at the end in this sentence? Help!1
This is to ensure that the teachers will have a firm understanding of the concepts and be able to apply ...
grammar help homework 0 votes, asked Dec 15 '12 by Dragon-Lady
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