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Grammar and Usage (ASAP)
A horse drawn carriage is called carretela, carromata, calesin, tartanilla or in lay man’s term “kalesa”. Kalesa was introduced to ...
history vehicle 0 votes, asked Sep 25 '15 by Roy Anthony
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A control green alert? Day cap planes?
Hello, I'm Tom, and I'm currently reading a diary written by a general (forgot his name) who died during the ...
military war history technical terms 0 votes, asked Apr 30 '15 by idontknow whyyousaygoodbye
2 answers
Possessive form of "gov't"? (gov't's???)
In my History research I often shorten government to gov't. My spell checker marks "gov't's" as incorrect, and I am ...
apostrophe possession govt govts history 0 votes, asked Jan 06 '15 by Pudge Pudge
2 answers
Whom or Who?
Here is the sentence from my essay: Those who opposed this belief, such as abolitionists whom/who denominated the North, were ...
who whom essay history grammar +1 vote, asked May 11 '13 by Britney
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