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Is the sentence given below with the subject line correct?.
Subject- Calcium carbonate - Chalk. Do you feel is there a group 2 element which can be a alternative to ...
Calcium Carbonate Chalk group 2 0 votes, asked Aug 18 by Prashant Akerkar
1 answer
Using 'you' when speaking to a group.
Say, someone (Mac) is speaking to a group of people, 3 or more we will say, and he says: "To ...
you group use proper those 0 votes, asked Jul 27 by Khova
1 answer
Members of a group participating in separate activities
Suppose that there is an army of fifty soldiers. Five of these soldiers have each participated in a battle involving ...
group plural 0 votes, asked Sep 03 '15 by rackham
0 answers
adressing a group
When making the statement, "I am glad the Pink Dragons is/are here", which is the correct form of the verb? ...
group names 0 votes, asked Jan 24 '13 by Carrie
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