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"I would rather that she hadn't arrived last night." Is this sentence grammatically correct? Shouldn't it be "I would have ...
grammar 0 votes, asked 3 hours ago by Sarika
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"I wouldn't have had problems right now." Is this sentence grammatically correct?
grammar 0 votes, asked 11 hours ago by Sarika
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Grammar Question: Limp or limply?
The flowers died, their wilted corpses falling limp against the dried up grass of the front lawn. The flowers died, ...
grammar help 0 votes, asked Aug 26 by Elle
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Fan Favourite or Fan's Favourite ?
Hi everyone. So, I saw 'Fan Favourite' named as a title of a playlist and I was thinking that the ...
grammar apostrophe Difference Usage 0 votes, edited Aug 26 by Lily
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Correct grammar when writing about 'person' of "address" for "task" in regards to "persons"
This assessment was conducted for Name Name Name (d.o.b), street address, City, state, postcode for her suitability as carer for ...
grammar sentence-correction 0 votes, asked Aug 24 by deidrich
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"Now, keep going" Independent Clause help!!
Can someone explain how "Now, keep going" is an independent clause? It has no noun. Any help would be appreciated!!
independent clause grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by Steven Li
2 answers
Much too quickly or too much quickly
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by Arthit
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Please check my grammar
I think I have heard or read similar slogans,etc. I need to make one for my school, WLC. Does this ...
grammar grammarcheck 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by Katrina Tan
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Which is correct It is a cat or this is a cat ? Similarly This is a teacher ... Is ...
this it grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 by Nutan Dutt
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Is there difference between "has no" "does not have"?
Ex: "kindness has no enemies" and "kindness does not have enemies".
Difference correct choice grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 by Pedro Aguiar
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is this text Grammatically Correct ? please help
You are one of the best men alive and God knows how much I worship you for all you are. ...
grammar worship check please 0 votes, asked Aug 20 by Sara Razavi
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Is this sentence in the correct order?
She took the battery from Ana's camera in Paul's hand. There is a battery inside Ana's camera. The battery was ...
order Sentence english grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 19 by Lily
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describing a person's age
Why is "Mary, a twenty-three year old female" correct but "Mary, a twenty-three years old female" is not correct?
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 18 by Karen
3 answers
think about and think of himself
Hi guys I've had this kind of quuestions for several days and I haven't been able to figure them out ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 18 by constance touchard
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Usage of "don't" with "be"
Is it right to say: "I don't usually be online at that time." Or simply "I don't be online in ...
grammar Word-choice 0 votes, asked Aug 17 by Hhhhh
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Complete, grammatically correct sentence?
Is the sentence below grammatically correct? My proofreader friends and I can't agree; all three of them don't think it ...
grammar grammarcheck Completesentence 0 votes, asked Aug 16 by Ann-Margaret
0 answers
I saw this sentence the other day. " Yesterday saw a high of 35 degrees." I wanna know why do ...
verb subject grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by Kevin Lin
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Please respond to these questions
Choose the correct sequence to complete the sentence. My sister_four dogs, and she___them for a mile-long____each morning a. owning, taking, ...
english test help grammar please 0 votes, asked Aug 14 by Florian Carreras
1 answer
Essential/Non-Essential Clause
How should the commas be placed here? Is it OK for me to place the commas as shown, although the ...
comma grammar Sentence fragment 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by Tunc
1 answer
i have two qestions about the sentence below
hello he is acknowledged to be the country's greatest writer. i have couple questions about this sentence 1- how (is) ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by M. SH
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Grammar correction
My friend was at the gym working out, he took a picture and wrote "improve my fitness" Is that grammarly ...
grammar corrections gym credit answer 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by ABDULRHMAN
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English Tense
Is this Tense correct? The town had fallen. Shaking shouts arise.
tenses grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 12 by Oliver
1 answer
Kindly correct the sentence
after reviewing of the invoices we found a mistake that you have made in the above invoice numbering kindly correct ...
grammar correction 0 votes, asked Aug 12 by Aziz Khan
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what's the difference between 'if only I could' and 'if I could only' ?
if I could only be with you for 10 days. if only I could be with you for 10 days.
Difference grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 12 by Lily
1 answer
Breakup vs Break Up vs Breakups vs Break-up
Sometimes I read ''breakup'' altogether. what is the right way to write meaning 'ending of a relationship'? and when is ...
grammar Difference 0 votes, asked Aug 11 by Lily
2 answers
What is wrong with this sentese?
My friend went for an active trip and then she bought a bottle of coca-cola. She took a picture of ...
grammarcheck ASAP help grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 10 by Sabine
1 answer
'this' or 'that' in the example above
example: I recorded a video and I was in there. I'm watching this video with my friends and making a ...
grammar 0 votes, edited Aug 09 by Lily
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''has been passed'' or ''it is already 3 years'' ?
''This joke is not funny anymore, after all, 3 years have already been passed. after all, it has been passed ...
Has have grammar +1 vote, edited Aug 06 by Lily
2 answers
''what'' or ''which'' are you looking for?
My colleague message me asking for the link to the original video (that I used for a school project) - ...
grammar Difference what which versus 0 votes, edited Aug 09 by Lily
1 answer
what's the difference between 'lack' and 'miss' ?
when do I use each one?
grammar verb Difference versus 0 votes, asked Aug 05 by Lily
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