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“With the main drivers' being A and B” or “With the main drivers being A and B”?
I thought it was the first one, but some of my friends didn't think of "being" as a gerund. Thanks! ...
gerunds 0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Art Tosborvorn
4 answers
Is it correct to say “spendings”?
I've checked the word spending in many dictionaries and they all say it's uncountable. For example: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary ...
nouns gerunds singular-plural 0 votes, edited Nov 08 by Mori
2 answers
Running shoes, participle or gerund?
Is running shoes considered as participle or gerund? it was used in a sentence as "My running shoes are newly ...
verbals participle participles gerund gerunds 0 votes, asked Jul 14 '15 by Emerie Cailes
1 answer
Noun clause vs. Gerund!! Need help =)
Hello everyone, I came across the topic of gerund and noun clause through my recent study . From this following ...
clause noun Phrase gerunds +1 vote, asked Aug 25 '14 by Pete
3 answers
Gerunds as Prepositions
Often I see gerunds used in a prepositional manner. For instance: 'I saw him hitting John' or 'the documents concerning ...
gerunds participle preposition +1 vote, asked May 30 '13 by Geoffrey
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