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`s` or `es` with verb in future tense.
Is it possible to use `s` or `es`with verb in future tense. For example: she will says to me.
future tense verb will 0 votes, asked Nov 23 by Abdul Rahman
1 answer
usage of word "yet" with future tense
Is the following question correct ? "the practical won't start yet?" (in the context by the time I get there ...
yet future +2 votes, asked Nov 07 by Charlie Alex
1 answer
It's about using the word 'hope'
Which answer to this question is correct? Will the cake be burnt ? I hope not. (1) I hope the ...
hope future +1 vote, asked Oct 30 by john parker
1 answer
Have they answered the five questions?
present future 0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Dalal
1 answer
Are the following sentences given below with the subject line correct?.
Subject- Viewing Satellites using powerful Telescopes Are there powerful Telescopes which will allow us to view all Satellites?If not,can this ...
satellite Telescope powerful construct future 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by Prashant Akerkar
1 answer
Is the sentence given below with the subject line correct?.
Zoos privatisation in countries. Can Zoos privatisation happen in future in India and other countries?.
Zoo Privatisation future 0 votes, edited Jul 07 by Prashant Akerkar
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Going to + at the moment
Going to describes the future or imminent future, so are these sentences correct?: A) She isn't going to listen to ...
future goingto now +1 vote, asked Feb 07 by nonius
0 answers
future perfect in conditionals
If the plane hasn't been delayed, they will have landed by now. Could anyone explain why this is correct? Why ...
conditional future perfect +1 vote, asked Oct 24 '15 by Izzy
0 answers
Conditional of remember in future tense
Why do we say : If you remeber anything, please contact me. rather than: If you will remember anything, please ...
future conditional tense verb +1 vote, asked Oct 07 '15 by Mikael Viktor
1 answer
Future Continuous vs Future Perfect Continuous
Hi there! Is this a grammatically correct sentence? We will be staying at the hotel until next week. I think ...
tenses future +1 vote, asked Aug 08 '15 by Abdul Quadir
0 answers
Omitting "by" with a specific time in future perfect tense?
I found this sentence in a Japanese high school English language textbook: "All these models will have been outdated next ...
future perfect tenses +1 vote, asked May 13 '15 by Teresa Nozoe
0 answers
Grammatical function of a future tense verb
Please would someone be able to tell me, what is the grammatical term given to the future tense verb in ...
future verb adjective 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '15 by Sethan
1 answer
SHOULD with future perfect meaning
Is the following sentence correct? By the time we'll meet tomorrow, you should have called the committee and reached a ...
Should future perfect tenses 0 votes, asked Apr 13 '15 by Ahmed
1 answer
present continuous for future use take/answer
Why can you not say "I am taking / answering your questions at the end of the presentation?" In other ...
future gerund take answer 0 votes, asked Nov 12 '14 by cailin
0 answers
tense shift when a condition is ongoing
Is it technically correct grammar to use a tense shift to imply the assumption of a continuing condition? Example. I ...
tense shifted future shift 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '14 by Keith Emmer
2 answers
Present Simple or Present Continous
Hello. What is correct - When will John arrive? - His plane arrives at 7am tomorrow or His plane is ...
future simplepresent continuous +1 vote, asked Aug 05 '14 by john_doe
2 answers
Grammar: future and tense or past in sentence
Is it: "I will take a shower after you take a shower." Or : "I will take a shower after ...
future tense past Sentence 0 votes, asked Jan 15 '14 by Andre Schultz
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