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Essential/Non-Essential Clause
How should the commas be placed here? Is it OK for me to place the commas as shown, although the ...
comma grammar Sentence fragment 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by Tunc
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can someone please help me find run-ons thank you
Elie Wiesel, in Night says it is more important to preserve one’s life than to preserve one’s dignity. After they ...
run-on help lit grammar fragment 0 votes, asked May 03 '15 by nick hernandez
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Isn't this a fragment?
I found this sentence but it looks like a fragment to me. Am I wrong? "In addition to Standard Precautions, ...
fragment +1 vote, asked Feb 02 '15 by Noelia Bonilla
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Fragment or complete sentence
Is the following a complete sentence? "But don't just take our word for it." The context is that it would ...
complete Sentence fragment Semicolon 0 votes, asked Jan 08 '15 by Alex
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Sentence, Fragment, Run On or Comma Splice?
Are these sentences, fragments, run ons or comma splices? Thank you. 1. The nutritional value of the egg and its ...
Sentence fragment runon commasplice 0 votes, asked Aug 23 '14 by Aislinn
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Identify each word group at either a fragment a sentence or a run-on sentence
1. The lights flickered several times, then they went out completely.2. When the first batter hits a single, you haven't ...
fragment Sentence run-on help 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '14 by HenryLinscott
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Sentence Fragment
Is the phrase "Because of what?" a sentence fragment? To me, it sounds like an incomplete thought and bad grammar. ...
fragment because of what 0 votes, edited Mar 31 '14 by Songibrd
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Feedback on structure/wording of closing sentence.
Below is my closing sentence for an article I am working on. As of now, it is one long sentence. ...
Structure closing fragment run-on 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '13 by Brandon |Haphazard|
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Speak your... (piece or peace)?
Piece or Peace? It’s me again. I think I know stuff, but then I second guess myself. My gram used ...
peace piece confusion fragment 0 votes, asked Aug 24 '13 by Lina Newbride
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Why has Grammarly tagged a sentence?
I wrote: When you have completed the material to your satisfaction, and are totally happy with it, send it to ...
Sentence fragment construction 0 votes, asked Feb 05 '13 by Diana Hirsch
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