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Difference between "in a week" and "for a week"
Hello, English is NOT my first language. The other day in a text message chat with my boyfriend whose first ...
in for +1 vote, edited Oct 29 by Tsunami
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Should there be a comma separating these two proper names?
Came across this in the Telegraph, but can't find a grammar rule clarifying that there should be a comma between ...
comma commas for 0 votes, asked Oct 19 by maggie thatcher
2 answers
Running too long vs running for too long
Hi, I am not sure which one is correct. "The program was killed due to running too long" or "The ...
for 0 votes, asked Oct 12 by Matt
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our food for today
it is correct
Our food for today +1 vote, asked Sep 26 by ellechor
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use of for
Where would you like for it to go? Is using "for" in this question correct?
for 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by JJ
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For the purpose of
Is it correct to say: "For the purpose of continuos quality improvement and ensuring full compliance with EU directives.." ? ...
for the purpose of 0 votes, asked Jul 19 by Massimo
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for 3 years
Is it correct? By the end of next year, I'll have studied English for 3 years.
for 3 years 0 votes, asked Jun 18 by Emma
1 answer
She had been making cake for 2 years before she got home. She had made cake for 2 years before ...
for 0 votes, asked Jun 16 by Emma
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for a minor
"I want to study art history and then minor in French." What does "then minor in French." mean?
for a minor 0 votes, asked Jun 10 by Emma
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The use of "for" as a substitute for "so"
I have a coworker who regularly uses "for" instead of "so" or "so that" in written and spoken communication. It ...
for so 0 votes, asked May 11 by grammarjazzer
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Job title
An I the Assistant Head of Primary or the Assistant Head for Primary? Does it matter and why? Thanks
of for 0 votes, edited May 09 by Kate
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"suck for" or "suck at"
i am writing a negative review about a business. is it correct to say they "suck for" anything besides providing ...
suck for at 0 votes, asked Dec 04 '15 by Scarlett Slape
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comma after conjunction and before if subordinate clause
Should I use a comma between "for" and "if" in this sentence?: Finally, I will work to ensure my students ...
comma Subordinate for if Conjunction 0 votes, asked Oct 24 '15 by Marton Lonart
2 answers
went shopping vs went for shopping
Are both of these sentences correct:1. I went shopping.2. I went for shopping.3. I went shopping for clothes.I know 1 ...
for 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '15 by asim khwaja
1 answer
Synonyms 'with' or Synonyms 'for'?
My sentence is 'Mercedes is a name synonyms with/for style'. I am confused whether to use with or for after ...
synonyms with for 0 votes, asked Aug 07 '15 by soneeta
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late to/for work
Hello there! Are both these sentences grammatically correct and meaningful? 1) My boss scolded me for arriving late to work. ...
to for preposition 0 votes, asked Jun 10 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Wait a minute | Wait for a minute
Good morning! I'm a bit confused about the use of 'for' after the verb 'wait'. Is the preposition 'for' optional ...
for +1 vote, asked May 29 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Apostrophe unanswered...
I have a basic understanding of the use of apostrophe for possession. However, I came across a situation that I ...
apostrophe possession for of 0 votes, asked Apr 30 '15 by Martin
1 answer
Which one is correct?
"Leave your answer on our facebook page & you're entered to for a chance to win." OR "Leave your answer ...
to for 0 votes, edited Apr 27 '15 by HNLHNL
1 answer
"of" or "for"
I am creating a product that involves movement stations for regular education students that replicates a variety of diabilities so ...
of for 0 votes, asked Jan 25 '15 by Pete Charrette
1 answer
change the voice
He heard calls for help.
he heard calls for help 0 votes, asked Jun 21 '14 by Trishala Dutta
2 answers
Should I say " things to decor your gift" or " things for decor your gift" ?
to for 0 votes, asked Jun 18 '13 by Jojo
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