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Is it correct to punctuate a sentence with a second phrase for emphasis with a comma? And what is this ...
grammar comma emphasis 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by kissherace
1 answer
Negation for emphasis
What is the name of the technique (if there is one) in which a simple phrase is given in a ...
negation Reversal emphasis 0 votes, asked Sep 25 by Asa Skinner
1 answer
"ANYTHING there is to know" or "anything there is to KNOW"
How do you say the sentence above? Where would you put the emphasis?
emphasis 0 votes, asked May 16 by kambiz
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Is it OK to use "do" for emphasis?
For example: Five-floor houses are rare. People who do own homes with five or more floors should.... Does including "do" ...
emphasis 0 votes, edited Aug 25 '15 by Roger
1 answer
Using DO/DOES as a Helping Verb, in a present perfect tens question
"Does anyone have received any package on behalf of me?" Is this question grammatically correct? And what if I am ...
Emphasize emphasis emphases present perfect 0 votes, edited Jan 24 '14 by Samar Babkair
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