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Sentence Pattern
In my English module, I was asked to identify the functions of all the underlined nouns according to its position ...
Sentence pattern nouns direct object 0 votes, edited Jul 05 by Creo
1 answer
Change into direct speech
1.He told me to go to the doctor2.She said that she was preparing her paper3.Bram asked me if he had ...
direct speech 0 votes, asked May 17 by Patrick Amos Simanjuntak
4 answers
Punctuating a quote within a quote
How do I punctuate several paragraphs of direct speech by the same speaker that includes several paragraphs of quoted direct ...
punctuation direct speech 0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Sharon Miltiadou
3 answers
can dependent clause have direct object
It seems to me that it can. For example, "I read the book". The direct object is "book". If I ...
dependent clause direct object +1 vote, asked Dec 29 '15 by David Simpson
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Find the direct object and object complement ASAP PLEASE
Find the direct object and object complement in this sentence: KDD provides our school dairies of the best quality.
direct object +1 vote, asked Dec 19 '15 by Tamara
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direct object and object complement
Find the direct object and object complement in this sentence: I'm so tired today.
direct object +1 vote, asked Dec 18 '15 by Tamara
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ditect, indirect objects and the subject complement
find and list the direct, indirect objects, and the subject complements in each sentence 1. How farmers can grow something ...
direct +1 vote, asked Dec 09 '15 by Danny Upchurch
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Direct and indirect speech
how can i change the sound of given senctences from direct to indirect or indirect to direct? 1-The officer said, ...
direct indirect cyrex +1 vote, asked Nov 23 '15 by cyrex
1 answer
Grammatical explanation
How do I explain in grammatical terms, the difference between these 2 sentences? 1. He showed me the book 2. ...
direct indirect object +1 vote, asked Jun 29 '15 by Tina Biswas
1 answer
who/whom as object of infinitive
I'm editing a book for an author, and his subtitle is "embracing who you are to become who [whom?] you ...
who whom linking direct Infinitive 0 votes, asked Feb 22 '15 by Justin Jaquith
3 answers
Wait as a transitive verb.
My friend and I are having an argument. He says that it is proper to say "What are we waiting?" ...
transitive intransitive direct object PREPOSITIONAL 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '14 by Faris Sweiss
3 answers
indirect or direct object
In this sentence, I emailed a travel agency for information about flights to Nepal. Is "a travel agency" the indirect ...
object indirect direct PREPOSITIONAL 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '14 by Yofes
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Direct to Indirect
Change to Indirect speech: "Do not leave the path while you are in the woods," said her mother. Please tell ...
direct indirect Red 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '14 by Chase Britton
1 answer
Usage of verb sync and implied meaning for direct and indirect objects
I am new to an IT department, and the seasoned veterans are confusing me with their usage of the verb ...
Usage object direct indirect meaning 0 votes, asked Nov 18 '13 by js
1 answer
helping verb confusion
For the sentence Can you try to see things my way? What is the main verb of the sentence? "Try" ...
transitive intransitive direct object 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '13 by sali
2 answers
Can you identify the objects in this song, please?
I'm creating a language which has words identifying direct and indirect objects in the sentence. To practice, I'm translating my ...
indentify direct indirect object -1 votes, edited Jan 08 '13 by Ileana
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