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Usage of Would.
Please any one tell me 1.How to use Would word ? 2.difference between Would ,Could and Can in asking questions?
modalverb would can could 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by santhoshreddy
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Can we use both verb in past tense?
When we use like could ,should ,would,might etc then can we use past participle?
subject could past-participle 0 votes, asked Aug 19 by Omar
2 answers
She could have her homework done by next day. Is it correct?
could 0 votes, asked Jun 22 by Emma
2 answers
could have
"I honestly didn't know what else I could have been doing." Is "could've been doing here to draw a conclusion ...
could have 0 votes, asked May 22 by Emma
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Use if could
Can "could" be used as follows; "Could I have a receipt?"
could Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '15 by Andrea
0 answers
Using "could " with a negative sentence
I know when we want to describe an impossible situation in past we can use " couldn't have" . But ...
could 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '14 by Negin
1 answer
Could - Can - Be able to
I have a text and I am confusing about it. "This is a quick email to tell you that I ...
could can be-able-to 0 votes, asked Jan 15 '14 by Lý Sơn
2 answers
making question sentence by using "COULD" (as past ability)
Stone age man could only sleep in the dark at night because there was no sunlight. I think, "could" is ...
question could 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by Eddy
2 answers
can could
What is the correct answer to the question? Q: Could Deepak go out to play? A1: No, he can't go ...
can could 0 votes, asked Jun 29 '13 by Kishore
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