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"So" or "such"
"The were so difficult questions. " Is this sentence correct or should it be with (such). Also I have another ...
so such corrections 0 votes, asked Dec 09 '16 by Ubeyde
1 answer
Help With Aposhraphes
so i need quick advice because im not 100% sure, if i write a sentance as follows; The Cars for ...
grammar apostrophes corrections punctuation help 0 votes, asked Nov 16 '16 by Craig Pearsall
1 answer
Grammar correction
My friend was at the gym working out, he took a picture and wrote "improve my fitness" Is that grammarly ...
grammar corrections gym credit answer 0 votes, asked Aug 13 '16 by ABDULRHMAN
1 answer
english grammar and spelling
The correct spelling for the word /im'posebl / is : 1)impassibel 2)imposible 3)impasible 4)impossible
spelling grammar corrections 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '16 by feridef
1 answer
Trusting the program to work
Can I feel confident while using grammar that it will catch punctiation mistakes and alert when punctiation needs to be ...
Confident corrections are accurately 0 votes, asked Feb 21 '16 by Nancy J Bunch
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Problem with Grammarly
I load my document and make the corrections Grammarly suggests, then I get the yellow flag that there's an error ...
help Program corrections +1 vote, asked Dec 02 '15 by Georgia Delorme
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I want to know if this question is structured well or should it be split. Please help
In a speech “The puzzle of Motivation” by, Yale graduate and author, Daniel H. Pink, it is stated that the ...
corrections grammatically 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '14 by Eduardo Chumpitaz
1 answer
grammar and usage, spelling and functuation
how can I check my sentence if its in correct grammar and usage of words
corrections 0 votes, asked Mar 31 '14 by che batuampo
3 answers
Please check a small text
Hello everyone I would be very grateful for help with this text below: Task: Your boss asks you to make ...
check corrections text 0 votes, asked Jun 09 '13 by HRlog
1 answer
cannot get my corrections.
I am new. Steps I took: uploaded or pasted document. ran preview, the program shows how many mistakes and what ...
getting corrections 0 votes, asked Mar 13 '13 by Patricia A Angell
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I fail to comprehend the corrections
I'm new using this program so i'm testing it, just for you guys to know. Also i'm not a native ...
question error corrections cohession +1 vote, asked Dec 22 '12 by Lionel Thomas
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