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using Man as Human beings
Which one is correct please? If Man refuses to worship God or If Man refuse to worship God. Thanks.
correct +1 vote, asked Sep 23 by Dominion
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Correct Verb Tense after Seem
I was talking to a friend of mine, and I said the following sentence: - Whenever I think about the ...
explain tense correct 0 votes, asked Sep 15 by Hugo Gayoso
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Is there difference between "has no" "does not have"?
Ex: "kindness has no enemies" and "kindness does not have enemies".
Difference correct choice grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 by Pedro Aguiar
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Which of this is correct
Which of this statement is correct? The Kids Toys or The Kids Toy
pluralization correct 0 votes, asked Aug 20 by James Dawson
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Is this sentence correct?
Mrs. Mary and I are excited about the new school year!
correct grammer 0 votes, asked Aug 14 by Cindy Schival
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Is this sentence correct or not?
But sometimes it puzzles me whether we really had any understanding among ourselves or not.
correct Sentence 0 votes, asked Jul 16 by Varotio Kutta
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Sentence correction.
Check whether the sentence is correct or not : We are glad to invite you both my parents and we ...
check correct incorrect Sentence help 0 votes, asked May 12 by Nilesh Raghuvanshi
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how to say....
What is a proper word to use when one wants to say that it is not so easy to find ...
a Word correct proper +1 vote, asked Apr 22 by blal
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Did he sold paintings
So did u sell off any painting
Sell correct Paintingng 0 votes, asked Mar 29 by Mohit
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this sentences is correct
you should clean the table after you
this sentences is correct 0 votes, asked Mar 28 by Mirna Quintanilla
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use of historic or historical
Which sentnce is correct? The car is parked beside the historic post office. The car is parked beside the historical ...
correct use of the Word +1 vote, asked Mar 25 by Pam
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What grammar rule did this sentence break if there is any?
Please help me find out if this sentence is incorrect: "Need help to get rid of pests?" If it is ...
grammar rule incorrect correct help 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Kenn
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'I am not joking you', is this correct?
I heard a friend say, 'I am not joking you' the other day and pointed out that I had never ...
correct grammar phrasing +1 vote, asked Feb 15 by Karan Sharma
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where i shall be visiting next week
correct the sentence
correct 0 votes, asked Dec 26 '15 by priya joshi
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Sentence is correct or not
Hi Need to know if this phrase is correct or not - 'the question doesn't dignify my answer' ?
Usage grammar Phrase Sentence correct 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '15 by Abdul Khan
1 answer
Kinly check the following and corrct any mistakes please . Drop by drop, a small river becomes a sea... Hand ...
grammar vocabulary paragraph correct 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '15 by Oussama Mahroug
2 answers
Outdanced or Out danced
Hello! I have a question about the word "outdanced"--as in, "he outdanced everyone else at the prom" or "I will ...
verb correct two words outdance 0 votes, asked Nov 28 '15 by meaganearthur
2 answers
Correct my english please.
HI, i'm french. I've tried to translate in english a short text. But i'm not sure at all about the ...
software correct 0 votes, asked Nov 15 '15 by Jocelyn Herard
2 answers
Grammatical error
They took rest after eating. Is this sentence is grammatically correct?
correct 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '15 by Rashmi Ranjan Aich
2 answers
"On" or "over"
I would like to know which is correct: "The alarm clock cried the time OVER the carved nightstand" or "The ...
on over grammar correct 0 votes, asked Sep 20 '15 by Flaísa Tárcila
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The amount of people who have registered for this course is so high that two section will be created
The amount of people who have registered for this course is so high that two section will be created
is this Sentence correct 0 votes, asked Aug 28 '15 by Luky Zykei Williams
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companywide or company-wide or company wide
So which is it: companywide, company-wide, or company wide? I believe "companywide" is correct and I have seen it used ...
correct Word spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Patrick
1 answer
Correct wedding invitation wording - to or with?
Mr. and Mrs. X request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter X TO OR WITH ...
wedding Invite correct to with 0 votes, asked Aug 11 '15 by Mixedpoem
0 answers
Which is correct?
Which do you think is correct? 1. The winners are __________ full-tuition scholarships. a. award b. awarded c. awarding d. ...
correct form 0 votes, asked Jul 18 '15 by 동석 최
1 answer
Which sentence is correct?
Which sentence is correct? The population praises Nat just as much for his creativity as for his kindness. The population ...
which Sentence is correct +1 vote, asked Jun 10 '15 by PJ12345
1 answer
Is it correctly to say?
Hello, can you please help me Is it correctly to say: I always buy stuff via (with, in, or how ...
correct how-to-say 0 votes, asked May 11 '15 by Esteban Wade
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Grammatically correct phrases
Is th phrase "no, but seriously" grammatically correct?
no But seriously correct grammar 0 votes, asked Mar 10 '15 by Alyssa
1 answer
Is this sentence grammatically correct/make sense?
Exactly as the title says. "My parents possessed the language trifecta under their belts; fluent in Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin." ...
Sentence grammar correct sense 0 votes, asked Dec 21 '14 by Angel Chang
1 answer
Correct form of the verb
Write the correct form of the verb in the bracket: While I was studying, I didn't think about work and ...
Verbs tense correct form 0 votes, asked Dec 06 '14 by cotos
1 answer
is my sentence correct
Hi. I want to know if the sentence, "We provide premium tv shows, with more than one million subscribers" is ...
correct incorrect 0 votes, asked Oct 27 '14 by Neth Neth
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