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Differences between "Present and perfect infinitive"
What is the difference between the meaning of the following sentences: > 1. ***To get*** the job in the face ...
meaning Differences construction Infinitive +1 vote, asked Jun 03 by unique
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Use and meaning of 'would prefer to have +past participle
What is the meaning "would prefer to have+past participle " in the following sentences:1. I would prefer to have stayed ...
would construction grammar meaning 0 votes, asked May 31 by unique
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Use of. 'Perfect infinitive without subject'
The following sentences are followed by 'to have+past participle':1. To have got the job in the face of such stiff ...
Infinitive construction meaning grammar 0 votes, asked May 31 by unique
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Differences between was to and was to have
What is the difference in the meaning between following sentences: 1. John was to have picked strawberries yesterday but the ...
construction meaning sentance tense +1 vote, edited May 30 by unique
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Sentence construction
To the guy whom I got most of my physical attributes from, happy birthday!Should it be to the guy from ...
Sentence construction 0 votes, asked Jun 15 '14 by Hanna Xianelle Belo Sentina
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Why has Grammarly tagged a sentence?
I wrote: When you have completed the material to your satisfaction, and are totally happy with it, send it to ...
Sentence fragment construction 0 votes, asked Feb 05 '13 by Diana Hirsch
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