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Can you say "the falls you step onto risen you up" ?
To be used in a poetic way. "Falls" being used as a noun. What I first want to know is ...
confused urgent 0 votes, edited Sep 02 by Mudith Mannapperuma
1 answer
Which is correct
Which is correct, "he is a Christian" or "he is Christian"
Religion confused please help 0 votes, asked Dec 07 '14 by Jon
1 answer
I have a question about the word Immigration
So I was asking my mom about how it was to move countries from Europe to the US and she ...
immigrant immigration emigration confused spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Lina Newbride
1 answer
Effect vs Affect
My ego has been affected by my lack of understanding between the words “effect” and “affect”. I was reading through ...
words grammar confused 0 votes, asked Aug 20 '13 by Jeremy Carter
1 answer
Whether or if? Anyone?
Hey, it's me again! Just thought of another question that keeps happening when I try to write, whether or if. ...
whether if or eslfail confused 0 votes, asked Aug 09 '13 by Hans-Peter Hoffschmidt
1 answer
Lose or loose? Help!
To lose or to loose? My attempt at choosing the right one seem to always result in loss. :) Does ...
lose loose or eslfail confused 0 votes, asked Aug 09 '13 by Hans-Peter Hoffschmidt
2 answers
Which is most proper? "Toward" or "Towards"
I always get confused using "toward" and "towards"...I read somewhere one is used more in British language than American...(I'm American). ...
towards toward confused 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '12 by Scott Martin
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