Questions tagged with conditional-present

3 answers
The difference between: What if there is or What if there are? and What if there was or were? Thank ...
conditional-present +1 vote, asked Feb 11 by Jeferson Coelho
0 answers
change the sentence to conditionals keeping to the meaning
Ow to change this sentence into a conditional sentence keeping to the meaning: The apartment is not expensive, therefore I ...
conditional conditional-present 0 votes, asked Nov 24 '14 by Yaqut Hammad
1 answer
Conditional tense
I'm wondering if the following sentence correctly uses the conditional tense. The speaker uses African-American English. "If I had brought ...
conditional-present verb tense conditional 0 votes, asked May 17 '13 by Liz
3 answers
conditional sentences
Consider the following sentence:"The latest version of Firefox for desktop is out now. If you already have it, you've probably ...
conditional-present perfect 0 votes, asked Jul 03 '12 by beautiful mind
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