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Conditional Punctuation with Compound Subjects
If you have a compound subject in the "if" statement, and the subject is separated by a coordinating conjuction; then ...
if-conditional coordinating Conjunction punctuation conditional 0 votes, asked Nov 22 by Stu Cando
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Subordinating and Coordinating Conjunctions?
In the sentence: You know that if it rains, then we won't go outside. I see 3 clauses here, but ...
subordinating coordinating conditional +1 vote, asked Oct 24 by Zinket
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Conditional Sentence
A. Complete the sentences with the verbs in parentheses. 1. If I have enough apples, I (bake) .... an apple ...
conditional Sentence +1 vote, asked Oct 04 by Bayu Erdi Pratama
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Is it correct to use 'should' in the second conditional main clause?
Context: I have a toothache. I don't have any chocolate. I wonder if it's correct to say: Even if I ...
conditional 0 votes, asked Sep 21 by Mori
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-ing in conditionals
Hi all. I have a question about the use of -ing in conditionals. Can I use the -ing form of ...
conditionals conditional -ing 0 votes, asked Sep 21 by majemaje
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if + simple past + will
Hi, Is the structure "if + simple past + will" possible? if it is, what does it imply?here is the ...
if conditional 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by
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a confusing coditional sentence
Hello! I'm having trouble understanding the third line of the following song: I've got something in my pocket, it belongs ...
conditional explain 0 votes, asked Aug 06 by Kat Kat
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Is this a conditional sentence form? Or does it have another name?
Is there a name for sentences that follow the "We ____ so that you can ____" format, or would that ...
conditional conditionals if-then Sentence 0 votes, asked Aug 02 by ABIGAIL MCSHINSKY
4 answers
Conditional sentences with." Should " and "happen to "
I'm a bit familarized with conditional sentences. But the following sentences with 'should' and 'happen to' are quite confusing too ...
conditional meaning +1 vote, asked May 17 by unique
3 answers
Grammar correctness in writing
Am i correct in the following sentences: 1.I could have done the job but I didn't have enough time. ( ...
conditional meaning 0 votes, edited May 09 by unique
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Conditional sentences to understand
It's said that 2nd conditional are used to talk about unreal and impossible things but i think it is possible ...
conditional grammar meaning 0 votes, asked May 08 by unique
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Is This Sentence Correct (Who/whom)?
I still haven't found someone whom I can play with.
who whom conditional 0 votes, asked May 08 by 7291Dist
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Difference between "asked" and "were to ask"?
What is the difference in the meanings of the following sentences: > 1. If you asked me, I would say ...
conditional grammar 0 votes, asked Apr 30 by unique
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Conditional sentences, type 2 and 3
Hi there! 1-Just to save your time, I know the difference between type 2 and 3, but I got confused ...
conditional 0 votes, edited Nov 04 '15 by Django
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future perfect in conditionals
If the plane hasn't been delayed, they will have landed by now. Could anyone explain why this is correct? Why ...
conditional future perfect +1 vote, asked Oct 24 '15 by Izzy
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Question on didn't/doesn't
When presented with a conditional and some weird tense changes like: If he didn't cry when he doesn't get what ...
didnt doesnt conditional tense past +1 vote, asked Oct 11 '15 by Patrick
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Conditional of remember in future tense
Why do we say : If you remeber anything, please contact me. rather than: If you will remember anything, please ...
future conditional tense verb +1 vote, asked Oct 07 '15 by Mikael Viktor
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if conditional question
my question is suppose 2 week before,your boss scolded you and after 2 week,today i am telling you: 1) if ...
grammarcorrection conditional +1 vote, asked Sep 24 '15 by santosh sunar
1 answer
confusion with these two sentences
Hi: She would make progress in developing her skills or She would make progress if she developed her skills. Can ...
if conditional +1 vote, asked Sep 20 '15 by lola
1 answer
I wish...
Can I write "I wish it doesn't happen" to mean "I don't want something to happen in the future"? I ...
wish conditional 0 votes, asked Jul 11 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Conditional sentences. Notice the first and the second examples. 1. It didn't rain yesterday. So I had to water the plants ...
conditional +1 vote, edited May 26 '15 by Deep
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change the sentence to conditionals keeping to the meaning
Ow to change this sentence into a conditional sentence keeping to the meaning: The apartment is not expensive, therefore I ...
conditional conditional-present 0 votes, asked Nov 24 '14 by Yaqut Hammad
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Conditional tense
I'm wondering if the following sentence correctly uses the conditional tense. The speaker uses African-American English. "If I had brought ...
conditional-present verb tense conditional 0 votes, asked May 17 '13 by Liz
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