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Can you use state and country together?
I would like to compare apples in Japan and Texas. Here Japan and Texas are not analogous, one is a ...
state country comparison analogous +1 vote, asked Oct 25 by Jane Lee
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In reply to "What a terrible world," who said, "Compared to what?"
incomplete comparison 0 votes, asked Apr 20 by Arthur Marino
1 answer
Consider the following situation: There are six people and only three chairs. How do I express this in a sentence? ...
comparison 0 votes, asked Mar 07 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Making comparisons
Are all these sentences grammatically correct, and do they mean the same? Our children go to the same school as ...
comparison pronoun 0 votes, asked Jan 15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Incomplete Comparison Help
I am having a struggle trying to make my compraison complete. In my writing I am a slave because I ...
incomplete comparison immediate duetomorrow 0 votes, edited Nov 13 '15 by Hazel Brown
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Incorrect comparisons
Should it bother me when somewhen says an item is five times lighter than another item. Or one store is ...
COMPARISONS comparison +1 vote, asked Sep 22 '15 by RichS
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Their color is different. Their colors are different.
Which one is correct? "Their color is different" or "Their colors are different." The example is comparing two things i.e. ...
is are different comparison 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by William
1 answer
What kind of part of speech is "as little as"?
What kind of part of speech is "as little as" in this sentence? Adjective? adverb? "We may do this on ...
comparison part speech 0 votes, asked May 22 '15 by Dang Nguyen
1 answer
Then vs. than...
I understand that 'then' is about time and 'than' is about comparison. So if I wanted to say: "Well than/then." ...
than then vs comparison TIME 0 votes, asked Dec 29 '14 by Catrin
0 answers
Incomplete comparison
In the sentence below, I am struggling with identifying the incomplete comparison. I keep seeing it being flagged with that ...
incomplete comparison 0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by Charles Cookson
0 answers
the more...the more: When two things vary together
Hi My doubt is that if it is okey to say that "the higher the plane you fall from, the ...
comparison 0 votes, asked Dec 03 '13 by satishsuryan
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