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Rules of Parallelism
Is "The more people you meet, the more you can learn things." grammatically correct? If we apply rules of parallelism, ...
the comparative more Parallelism 0 votes, asked Nov 04 by Heewoo Kim
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Positive form vs Comparative form
Consider this example, okay real conversation: Friend: Would you like an apple? Abdul: Yes. I love eating apples. Friend: Okay, ...
positive comparative adjectives 0 votes, edited Jun 16 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Comparative and Superlative of the adverb 'quick'
Hello there! What's the comparative and the superlative of the adverb 'quick'? As far as I know it's 'quicker and ...
comparative superlative Adverb 0 votes, edited Jun 13 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Pls answer this qe about degrees of comparison
which of the following sentences is /are correct? and why? 1)he is more wiser than his brother 2)he is wiser ...
comparative Sentence -1 votes, asked Oct 30 '13 by krish
1 answer
Question about degreesof comparison
Which of the following is/are true?and why? 1) he is more wiser than his brother 2) he is wiser than ...
comparative 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by krish
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comparative with the
When using the following structure do we have to use a verb? can we say: the lower the size the ...
comparative 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Maher Assi
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