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Do I need to use a comma after these introductory clauses?
I am not sure if these sentences need a comma after the clauses "one time" or "one day": One time, ...
commas Clauses 0 votes, asked Oct 20 by Jill Nellis
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Independent clauses
This question is from SAT Practice Test 6 from Collegeboard. Writing Section Question #19 The question involves the following sentence ...
Clauses 0 votes, asked Sep 28 by jsyoo
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bracket and name embedded clauses
1. could you tell me how to get to the airport 2. what do you suggest that we should do? ...
embadded Clauses grammar help please 0 votes, asked Sep 23 by Monika
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non-finite reduced clauses
"Going to finish studying tomorrow, she is happy.""She cried a lot told about that.""She is happy going to finish studying ...
Clauses 0 votes, asked May 28 by Emma
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Could you please give me some examples of nonfinite adverbial clauses and nonfinite adjectival clauses? And thank you in advance
Clauses 0 votes, asked Apr 17 by Emma
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Important- Modifying Clause and Subject
I'm submitting an application and am having trouble figuring out if this is grammatically correct: "Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, ...
grammar modifying Clauses important application +1 vote, asked Mar 10 by Amanda Hodes
2 answers
Nouns followed by a gerund and not an infinitive
Hello everyone, In my book of C1 I've come across this: "My ambition is to become a teacher" (OK. I ...
gerund Infinitive nouns Clauses +1 vote, edited Jan 31 by Desp
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Seemingly incomplete sentences
Dear Grammarly Staff/Community, I'm an English teacher who spends a lot of time preparing high school students for the ACT ...
Clauses independent dependent relative verbless +3 votes, asked Jan 22 by
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Comment Relative Clause
I read a book while I was waiting at the airport, which was very boring. The most likely meaning of ...
Comments relative Clauses 0 votes, asked Nov 15 '15 by hyat
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Do rules for punctuating lists trump rules for punctuating independent clauses?
Hello, all. In cases where there is a list of three or more closely related independent clauses, do commas become ...
lists comma independent Clauses 0 votes, edited Oct 28 '15 by Joseph
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Punctuating with Imperatives
Hello all, Could someone help with this problem I have come across with regards to imperatives and independent clauses? Is ...
commaplacement Clauses Imperative independent +1 vote, asked Oct 23 '15 by Joseph
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Adverbial clause of purpose. Please help to make it clear!
Dear Teachers, Could you please clarify to me if the following sentence is grammatically correct or not and why? I ...
adverbial Clauses +1 vote, asked Oct 16 '15 by Olga
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Examples where a dependent clause following an independent clause needs a comma.
Hello all, So I've been reading up on the use of clauses and have come across something that I don't ...
commaplacement comma dependent independent Clauses 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Joseph
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Don't understand the use of a comma before 'so'.
I'm getting confused with the use of commas in general, but especially with the using of them before coordinate conjunctions. ...
commaplacement comma Clauses coordinate conj +1 vote, asked Oct 09 '15 by Joseph
1 answer
Comma Splice, Independent Clauses, and Connectors
Are the following sentences incorrect or correct? According to the answer guide in the textbook that I'm using they are....I'm ...
independent Clauses semicolons commasplice fanboys 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '15 by Danica
0 answers
Use of commas with "given" and "as"
When should you use a comma with "given" (or "given that") and "as"? I know "as" is generally categorized as ...
given as commaplacement Subordinate Clauses 0 votes, asked Jul 20 '15 by Desiree Crossley
0 answers
Comma usage with dependent clauses
Hi all, I am confused about comma usage in these two sentences. 1.) "What I like best about my career ...
comma nonessential dependent Clauses +1 vote, edited Sep 30 '15 by sarah kay
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Identifying Phrases and Clauses
I am trying to identify all of the clauses and phrases in the letter from the movie, Breakfast Club, that ...
phrases Clauses 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by SciFiJunky
0 answers
Commas Following the Main Clause.
Can somebody please explain to me where it is appropriate to separate a dependent clause off with a comma when ...
commas Subordinate Clauses +1 vote, asked Apr 11 '15 by Sean
0 answers
Comma before "with" and dependent clause
In the following sentence, should there be a comma before "with"? I think that a comma is unnecessary since the ...
commas Clauses punctuation with conjunctions 0 votes, edited Mar 25 '15 by Meggie
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conjunction clauses subordinate vs coordinate
Independent Music and singing are major parts of my life, and my favorite genre is rock. Painting anything is enjoyable ...
Clauses conjunctions Subordinate coordinate 0 votes, asked Feb 28 '15 by Melody Manson
2 answers
Can second clause of two Independent clauses have an implied I?
Hello, Is the second clause in the sentence below an independent clause with an implied "I"? Thanks, Steve I swam ...
Clauses independent comma 0 votes, asked Dec 01 '14 by Steve

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