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Word choice: to move to x on moving to
"I intend to move to the USA" and "I intend on move to the USA".
grammar Word choice -1 votes, asked Sep 08 by Pedro Aguiar
1 answer
Is there difference between "has no" "does not have"?
Ex: "kindness has no enemies" and "kindness does not have enemies".
Difference correct choice grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 by Pedro Aguiar
2 answers
1 wrong word choice
We climbed down the small hill, and then we sat down on the big rocks on the river’s edge. What ...
wordchoice Word-choice Word choice +1 vote, asked Feb 20 by Catalina
1 answer
Word Choice: administrator vs administer
What's the difference between an administrator and an administer, and when should I use each?
Word choice 0 votes, asked Jul 23 '15 by fsad
3 answers
The car dashed the tree. It was going at over 100mph . A) The blue car was going 100mph so ...
grammar grammatical meaning choice 0 votes, asked Jun 09 '15 by Feride
2 answers
How………………holiday do you have a year? a)long b)many c)much d)often
choice 0 votes, asked May 12 '15 by ElSayed Abou Ismail
1 answer
word choice
SENTENCE - The visibility around this area* is simply incredible; no matter how deep you dive, the turquoise waters never ...
Word choice 0 votes, asked Apr 01 '15 by Viv
0 answers
Word Choice between "wasn't" and "weren't"
In the following sentence: "When she'd found out their kind weren't as appealing as she'd hoped...." The correct word choice, ...
was were Word choice 0 votes, asked Dec 02 '14 by Michael Scott
1 answer
i {can/did} play
choice 0 votes, asked Sep 29 '14 by medo
3 answers
Devote or dedicate?
Which is correct? The exhibition is devoted to Charles Rennie Mackintosh OR The exhibition is dedicated to Charles Rennie Mackintosh?
Word choice 0 votes, asked Sep 26 '14 by Anastasia
3 answers
Word choice
Can I use "hassel-free" in a serious formal business writing? What may be the substitue for this word, as this ...
Word choice 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '14 by Natalia
4 answers
Correct word choice
Which of the following is a correct sentence. Below are the answers to your questions. or Below is the answers ...
Word choice is are +4 votes, asked Jun 05 '14 by Paula
2 answers
Stare or look?
I'm proofreading a book written by a friend, and we're having a disagreement over a word choice. A paraphrased version ...
Word choice idioms 0 votes, edited Jul 20 '13 by Alex Gebethner
1 answer
words choice
When I was about 9 0r 11 years old, my mother sent me to borrow a cup of sugar from ...
choice +1 vote, asked Apr 01 '12 by Brenda Silaas
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