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I'm writing an essay for the middle school I attend, and my mom checked over it at home. We argued ...
children school essay grammarcheck +1 vote, asked Oct 21 by Juslyn Chea
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Them and those
How do I explain to a 9yr old child why " them people" is incorrect but that "those people" is ...
Explaining grammar to children +1 vote, asked Oct 03 by Majick
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child or children word choice
I'm doing some writing and referring to some instructions to the parents in a children's activity book. Since I don't ...
child children 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by Pam Wheller
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is there a meaning to the word attendanze
Hi, Do you know the meaning for the word "attendanze" as in
school tracking children safety 0 votes, asked Jun 30 by Sreedharan
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Assistance with punctuation for this poem I'm writing for children's book?
[word recommendation, punctuation suggestions?] There is a silly family, with some very silly kids. Mommy, Daddy, Colin and Elly. Each ...
poem punctuation book Word-choice children 0 votes, asked Dec 31 '13 by Joshua F. Rountree
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