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Unsure of capital use for plural nouns
Should 'ministries of education' have a capital M & E below? I know if it was 'Ministry of Education' referring ...
capital noun 0 votes, asked Apr 27 by Jamie
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To capitalize endearment names or not
In conversational dialogue would an endearment, such "sweety", "honey" etc., be capitolized as would a proper name?
capital Name nickname 0 votes, asked Nov 27 '15 by Georgia Delorme
1 answer
Lower case names at the beginning of a sentence.
When using a name, such as a design studio or event that uses all lowercase letters in their name, (eg. ...
capital sentence-structure Sentence Name names +2 votes, edited Nov 26 '15 by Tom
2 answers
Capital idea/ Capitol building
Capital or Capitol? Why are these spelled differently? Answer from previous post: Capitol refers to a building. Capital refers to ...
capital capitol 0 votes, asked Aug 31 '13 by TERRY H.
1 answer
Capital venture/ Capitol venture?
What is the difference between the word capital and capitol? I have seen it spelled both ways. Does it have ...
capital capitol capitalization 0 votes, asked Aug 28 '13 by TERRY H.
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capital of greece or capital city of greece..which statement is correct?
capital 0 votes, asked Oct 26 '12 by Yusuf Mallu
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