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Poetic question
Good evening, I've been writing lyrics and I came across a line which kept me thinking. It is based on ...
british poetry +1 vote, asked Nov 13 by Christian Marr's
2 answers
CustomiZation vs customiSation
Hello, everyone. Was looking through a text in Grammarly and got warned on "customisation" being confused for "customization". As far ...
british british-american english spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by Hanna Yughre
2 answers
What is the difference between ''whilst'' and ''while'' / ''among'' and ''amongst'' ?
Do British people use -st more? (or Australians, Canadians...) I have read some things on the Internet and I found ...
while among british spelling grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 25 by Lily
1 answer
Spelling in Brittish
Would this be spelled correctly if I wrote British and modern American English? "His favorite colour to wear when caroling ...
british-american british american english spell 0 votes, asked Jun 17 by Rachel M
3 answers
Which sentence is gramatically correct (British English)?
Hi, I have a dilemma. "We are supposed to go to the mountains" "We are supposed to go in the ...
Prepositions british to in mountains 0 votes, asked May 02 by liz_kordulova
3 answers
British English punctuation in speech
I am a little worried by the example of British punctuation in the handbook and on the profile page in ...
punctuation british speech +2 votes, asked Apr 20 by joss
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British (UK) English
Does Grammerly support the use of UK English? I am Australian and our usage of English is from the UK, ...
UK english british american dictionary +1 vote, asked Mar 16 by Peter Russell
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is grammarly using british english or american one?
while checking my text, is grammarly using the british english or the american one?
british american english +1 vote, asked Feb 23 by paolo gramigna
0 answers
Is " there were more" an official sentence
Is " there were more" an official sentence
help emergency school english british +1 vote, edited Oct 28 '15 by Suzaan
2 answers
Single or double quotation marks?
People always tell me "Darling, you need to calm down!". People always tell me 'Darling, you need to calm down!'. ...
quotation speech british +1 vote, asked Oct 21 '15 by Lem
0 answers
Language: Britisch (UK)
Hi, Is it possible to change the language from American to Britisch (UK)? Thank you in advance. Nick
british language setting +2 votes, asked Aug 28 '15 by Nick Oude Aarninkhof
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