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Is the sentence given below with the subject line correct?.
Subject- Smartphones interfacing with portable book binding machines. Can there be advantages of Smartphones interfacing with portable book binding machines?
book Binding machine Smartphones Interfacing 0 votes, edited Sep 15 by Prashant Akerkar
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I wont be able to go to school today im not feeling well
I have your book 0 votes, asked Aug 16 by Maria
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Book Title without Italics
What is the proper way to reference the title of a book when you are discussing it on Facebook or ...
book title-naming facebook 0 votes, edited Aug 30 '14 by Simone Sessler
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Assistance with punctuation for this poem I'm writing for children's book?
[word recommendation, punctuation suggestions?] There is a silly family, with some very silly kids. Mommy, Daddy, Colin and Elly. Each ...
poem punctuation book Word-choice children 0 votes, asked Dec 31 '13 by Joshua F. Rountree
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American english grammer and speaking book
Please advice me with some books since I'm new in USA. I thought I would focus on improving speaking. I've ...
grammer book spoken american +1 vote, edited Dec 17 '12 by Robi
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to read
Please suggest me a book which is easily understandable to improve my grammar.
book 0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Shantanu
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