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word order
Sir / Madam, really sorry to bother you, only after being advanced you understand that now you re a true ...
order between +1 vote, asked Oct 12 by Murad
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Identify the grammatical error
Identify the grammatical error in the following sentence: I want to be a man between mans Explain why and correct ...
grammar error identify between mans 0 votes, asked Oct 01 by Rubina
2 answers
between or among
What is the difference between "between" and "among"?
between among Difference +1 vote, asked Jun 04 '15 by Suzaan
0 answers
Difference between "Aligned with" vs "In Alignment With"
Is there a difference between "aligned with" vs "in alignment with" ? Context: you will align US with OUR Inner ...
grammar Difference between 0 votes, asked Nov 29 '14 by Zack
0 answers
The usage of "between" or among" in a particular sentence
This concerns an artist statement for a group photo show. The group displaying the work created grouped arrangements, instead of ...
between or among 0 votes, asked Dec 01 '13 by Kay T.
0 answers
Adjectives between nouns and verbs
I am wondering which is the best way to set up this question. Is it okay to put an adjective ...
adjectives between noun and verb 0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Stacie Wolfe
2 answers
differences between lose and miss
What is the diffrence between lose and miss?
Difference between lose and miss 0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by Ivan
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