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Starting with Because
Could I start a sentence with because?
start because Sentence 0 votes, asked Jun 18 by Rachel M
1 answer
Starting a Sentence with....
Can I start a Sentence with because if I explain the because later in the sentence?
explain Sentence because start 0 votes, asked Jun 18 by Rachel M
1 answer
Conjunction usage
'Because of asking to no effect for better health coverage, the union members decided to walk out until company management ...
because conjunctions sentence-structure 0 votes, asked Aug 12 '15 by Jatin Wadhwa
2 answers
Because or Since?
Consider a sentence: ____ I have no money, I can't buy a car 1. Which one is the most suitable ...
because since 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '15 by M Khan
1 answer
Sentence Fragment
Is the phrase "Because of what?" a sentence fragment? To me, it sounds like an incomplete thought and bad grammar. ...
fragment because of what 0 votes, edited Mar 31 '14 by Songibrd
3 answers
Since or Because (explanation)
Ok, I have a really good question. I was just trying to write an important letter and I want to ...
since because 0 votes, asked Aug 29 '13 by Chantal
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