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Do I need to put "as" in the following sentence?
I believe whether or not one considers addiction as a disease, with the help of experts from different fields, individuals ...
as +1 vote, asked Oct 01 by mahroo
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Pronoun Rule
Can somebody please explain this rule further and give me examples? "The case of a pronoun following the conjunction as ...
pronoun rule than as clause +2 votes, asked Jul 11 by Creo
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as if and like
First of all, thanks for your answers :) Can I replace 'as if(though)' to 'like' in the following sentence: "They ...
like as if 0 votes, asked Jun 30 by Minhong Yoon
3 answers
At the time + "as"
Could someone tell me why is it compulsory to put "As" in this sentence? "At the time as Honigsbaum’s article ...
as 0 votes, asked May 10 by milmanda
3 answers
as easy as
Can you say like this? The problem is as easy as he can solve. in the meanng of The problem ...
as easy 0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Ito
4 answers
English Do as directed:
The auditor submitted the report on time.(change into passive voice)
do as Directed 0 votes, asked Mar 28 by L DN
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English Language
We expected the weather to be sunny but it rained heavily. (Begin with:Contrary)
do as Directed +1 vote, asked Jan 05 by Meghna Bairagi
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the meaning of "as"
Hi. I am a foreigner studying english. As i solved grammar questions, I met with a difficuty. Could I ask ...
as +1 vote, asked Dec 08 '15 by Richard
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Use of commas with "given" and "as"
When should you use a comma with "given" (or "given that") and "as"? I know "as" is generally categorized as ...
given as commaplacement Subordinate Clauses 0 votes, asked Jul 20 '15 by Desiree Crossley
1 answer
as or like
Can anyone please tell me the difference between 'as' and 'like'? I don't know where is the right place to ...
as like Difference 0 votes, edited Feb 17 '15 by Youngsun Han
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Help me about the using of "as" "as being"
Select the correct answer: Question: "She explained the attention of the mind ............ like a monkey that likes to wander ...
being as 0 votes, asked Dec 13 '14 by Emre Yener
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Are the following sentences fine?
Hi! I would like to know whether the following sentences with the structures "come across as" ans "be perceived as" ...
come accross as 0 votes, asked Jun 20 '14 by Valar Morghulis
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The use of "as."
Which sentence (A or B) is correct? A The movie was as good as the book. B The movie was ...
as 0 votes, asked Nov 20 '13 by Ellen Considine
1 answer
When, As
What is the difference between when and as? thanks
grammar when as 0 votes, asked Oct 10 '13 by Fany
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Need help with "as happy as"
How to write : You are as excited as your daughter for her performance. The daughter is performing on stage ...
as happy as 0 votes, asked May 24 '13 by Richa Vala
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as well as to connect verbs
Private sectors will cooperate with the authority to develop new health institutions and new shopping malls as well as promote ...
as well Conjunction 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '13 by Marie
1 answer
The usage of 'as now'
"Your sister gave you some exercises or helped you as now you are 90% better." In this sentence, I exactly ...
as now 0 votes, edited Feb 02 '13 by Jack Jin
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