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indefinate articles before non-vowel acronyms
"Order an MRI." vs. "Order a MRI." I just realized that I say the first while the second is technically ...
an Articles vowels acronyms consonants +1 vote, asked Oct 04 by Christine
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"Africa" or "the Africa"
Is it okay to use an article in front of "Africa"?
article Articles +1 vote, asked Oct 02 by HD
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Here 101 is a binary representation of [the] number 5.
Is /the/ needed here? Since number 5 is unique among numbers I would use /the/. On the other hand '5' ...
Articles +1 vote, edited Sep 24 by Alex
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Use of article
Do we use an article with pollution or desert? E.g. most of the area is classified as desert or the ...
article Articles Desert 0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Afsheen
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"Vacation" or "a Vacation"
Which answer would be correct to the question Is he working these days? A1- No, He is on vacation. A2-No, ...
Articles 0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Neha
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Use of article "The"
I posted a picture(screenshot) and wrote these lines "the game i am addicted to these days. the music is soothing ...
Articles the article 0 votes, asked Aug 12 by Ishan Kalia
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Article the
Could you explain to me, please, why in these sentences the article "the" is needed. Those are examples taken from ...
Articles the 0 votes, asked Jul 17 by Valeriia Oleinich
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Articles & countable nouns
In a children's picture book published by Campbell, I read a sentence like this: who can be in the tree? ...
Articles 0 votes, asked Jul 14 by Vanessa Lanxin Zhang
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Sri Lanka is to a south of India.
Articles 0 votes, asked Jul 02 by Amee Chitalia
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How can I use the article The in explaining techniques?
Hello, dear. I'm a user of Grammarly. Usually, I use this service when I'm writing papers. I really confuse the ...
Articles 0 votes, asked Jun 07 by Su-Jin Oh
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Use of suitable article
Dear Sir, I've come across a question somewhere, regarding suitable use of articles. Do the following two sentences qualify equally, ...
Articles definite-article 0 votes, asked Feb 12 by Pankaj Tiwari
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Appropriate use of 'the' as a definite article.
I was wondering if you could help me? I was asked a question by a foreign friend in regards to ...
Using the Articles preposistion 0 votes, asked Feb 09 by Daniel Haper
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Why is the indefinite article used with a noun in plural?
James Brown's song "It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World" : "Man thinks about a little bit of baby girls and ...
indefinite article Articles 0 votes, asked Jan 30 by Victoria Simakova
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Should parallelism extend to articles in a list?
This is the sentence I am struggling with: I want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist, or a programmer. ...
Parallelism Articles list +1 vote, asked Jan 28 by Julie
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"has a value of"---why the indefinite article?
Look at the following examples. Note the indefinite artice; the question is, why is it indefinite rather than definite? The ...
Articles +1 vote, edited Jan 18 by linguisticturn
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The articles
Please help me to explain why some has the "a" article and some not? Thank you. I've got a cold. ...
Articles +1 vote, asked Dec 16 '15 by Shining
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There is a text about a famous footballer Pele with a sentence in the end: .... ( because of all ...
Articles +1 vote, edited Nov 29 '15 by Rita
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Why 'berieved' is preceeded by 'the'?
Why 'berieved' is preceeded by 'the'? Could you, please, explain it in terms of grammar? Thank you.
Articles +1 vote, asked Oct 11 '15 by student2210
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I feel confused when try to learn article
I have seen many example sentences about article that I still don't understand why we use it. It seems like ...
Articles grammar +2 votes, asked Sep 29 '15 by Tawan Thampipattanakul
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Article with the word 'WISE' - and why?
Consider the sentences: I know an wise man. I know a wise man. Grammarly suggested that I should use "a" ...
Articles 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Suman Banerjee
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Article use for the word "gum"
So when we are speaking to our friends or whoever, we may ask "Do you have gum", or "Can I ...
Articles Word grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Taylor
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Using Articles correctly in a sentence
I am not a native English speaker. I saw a sign near my house that read: "This neighborhood used to ...
Articles +1 vote, asked Jul 08 '15 by Vik
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When to omit articles.
Please tell me when to omit articles or just give me a link where I can know about it. Please.
Articles 0 votes, asked Jun 10 '15 by Deep
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Indefinite articles before uncount nouns
As far as I know (and I'm quite sure about this), we use 'a' or 'an' before uncount nouns if ...
Articles Uncountable +2 votes, edited Jun 07 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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A cheetah v The cheetah
Hi there! Are the sentences in each set grammatically correct and do they mean the same? First set: 1) The ...
Articles 0 votes, edited Jun 05 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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by MRT or by the MRT?
Hi, I have several questions here. 1) Which one is correct? I go to work by the MRT. I go ...
Articles Verbs transportatoin 0 votes, asked May 29 '15 by Liza
1 answer
Do we have class on Monday, or is Monday a holiday? Do we have a class on Monday or Is ...
Articles grammar +1 vote, asked May 22 '15 by kevin
1 answer
On Sunday, On a Sunday, On Sundays
Hi there! Little help here. Is each of the following sentences correct and do each of them mean the same? ...
week Articles Determiners 0 votes, edited May 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Articles before product descriptions
Hi, My products have descriptions where you can't tell if the description is decribing a product its user. examples - ...
describing article Articles necessary 0 votes, asked Apr 13 '15 by Brian Males
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usage of articles
can we write a particular female as:- an female?
Articles 0 votes, asked Mar 15 '15 by AMIT
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