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I don't know that's why am asking
I asked you a question and you're not given me a answer to it
Asked Youare given a answer 0 votes, asked Sep 20 by Ismail
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Grammar correction
My friend was at the gym working out, he took a picture and wrote "improve my fitness" Is that grammarly ...
grammar corrections gym credit answer 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by ABDULRHMAN
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fill this space in sentence
Ramesh wanted to study _________ he had no money. (because,hence,so,but)
answer 0 votes, asked Jun 19 by kirti
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Her sudden death was all of us. a) surprising b) surprised c) surprise
answer 0 votes, asked May 17 by Menna ḾáḾḋoṵh
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active voice into passive voice
You peep in the room.
please answer Me now 0 votes, asked Apr 20 by elif
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Test Questions
Well What Is the Right Answer for this Question? A Small Amount Of Something To Test IS Called_______? 1)Base 2)Sample ...
test question english answer -1 votes, asked May 19 '15 by StrangeGr
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present continuous for future use take/answer
Why can you not say "I am taking / answering your questions at the end of the presentation?" In other ...
future gerund take answer 0 votes, asked Nov 12 '14 by cailin
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Complete the second sentence in each set?? 1. He must behave properly. ans.I shall make HIM BEHAVE P
Complete the second sentence in each set??1. He must behave properly.ans.I shall make HIM BEHAVE PROPERLY.2.You must leave this place.ans.we ...
answer plzz -1 votes, asked Oct 19 '14 by vimarsh
1 answer
which one is correct?using a cloud might be not enough for answer user's needs using a cloud might be not ...
answer need -1 votes, asked Aug 17 '14 by sara
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