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Figuring out which of these sentences are correct.
My coworkers are trying to figure out the correct sentence structure for figuring out when someone has a class. These ...
singular-plural plural a an singular 0 votes, asked Nov 02 by Zack Ringler
1 answer
indefinate articles before non-vowel acronyms
"Order an MRI." vs. "Order a MRI." I just realized that I say the first while the second is technically ...
an Articles vowels acronyms consonants +1 vote, asked Oct 04 by Christine
2 answers
Correct spelling
Is it a hotelier or an hotelier? All my research points to a hotelier, but Grammarly wants an hotelier. A ...
spelling a an +1 vote, edited Sep 27 by Jenny Hetherington
1 answer
a vs an
I recently put in a mandate that "a judge's order . . . " and my boss has corrected it ...
a an 0 votes, asked Jun 01 by Laurie Lynn
2 answers
Do I use A or AN
Is it " He hit a RBI" or "He hit an RBI?
a or an 0 votes, asked Apr 07 by Linda Ireland
1 answer
how to use "a" vs. "an"
Should I write: Join us for an inspirational and interactive evening? or a inspirational and interactive evening.
a an 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '15 by denise
1 answer
A or an
my friend has made a poster for her beauty business, it says "book an hydration treatment" but I thought it ...
a or an 0 votes, asked Sep 04 '15 by Josephine
1 answer
a vs. an
Im writing a sentence about "L-shaped counters". Should the sentence be "We devised an L-shaped counter..." or "We devised a ...
an a 0 votes, asked Jul 14 '15 by Kindra Slivinski
2 answers
when to use the indefinite article an where the next letter is a H
I understand that if the h in the next word is silent (or soft) then an should be used. For ...
a an +1 vote, asked May 28 '15 by liam O
1 answer
........ man driving the blue car is my uncle.
........ man driving the blue car is my uncle.
article a an the 0 votes, asked Jan 30 '15 by shirsang rai
2 answers
Do we say "an LL.B" or "a LL.B" ?
I noticed that the Scottish and British universities would use "an LLB" but I also know lawyers who would use ...
LLB a an 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '14 by Lionel Liu
0 answers
"a" or "an" with abbreviated elements of the periodic table
"The images show that an Au dot...." (which is correct if reading "Au" in one's head as "ay you") or ...
a or an 0 votes, asked Jul 30 '14 by paul warburton
1 answer
"An" vs "A" with acronym that can be said with or without vowel pronunciation
I know this is a confusing subject title, but I was wondering if the rule for "using "A" before a ...
an a grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 07 '14 by Scott Boeser
1 answer
What about a and an?
Hey, I was talking with one of my friends who speaks Spanish and is learning English. She was telling me ...
an a 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '13 by Lina Newbride
1 answer
usage of a and an
"LPVIO: An LPV system box" or "LPVIO: A LPV system box" is correct?
a an -1 votes, asked Jul 29 '13 by Mustafa Abdelrahman
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