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Subject Agreement
Does this sentence need another subject? The library is a welcoming and inclusive community center connecting residents to informational, cultural, ...
subject agreement 0 votes, asked Oct 12 by g
3 answers
Plural verb or singular verb
Three parts of the lesson are yet to be completed
subject-verb agreement +1 vote, asked Aug 26 by Binna
2 answers
Usage of their with plurals
This has been bothering me for years! Can someone please weigh in on the correct usage of the word "their" ...
possesive singular plural agreement 0 votes, asked May 13 by Robert Hodes
1 answer
Which verb?
From this Union was born John and Tony OR were born John and Tony????
subject verb agreement +1 vote, asked May 06 by Nancy Sasgen
1 answer
food (countable\uncountable)
Hello! I have a question in the sentence "The best food for a party is crisps, chips, snacks , juice,etc" ...
food countable Uncountable agreement noun +1 vote, asked Apr 21 by Regina
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Which one should be considered a subject of the sentence?
Recently, one of my students asked me a question for which he needed to detect a grammatical error in a ...
grammar subject-verb agreement relative-clauses +1 vote, asked Apr 16 by John Song
1 answer
About Subject Verb Agreement
Which one is correct? Does anybody has/have any idea? Does anybody has/have a idea? Warmest Regards Babar
subject-verb agreement 0 votes, asked Sep 29 '15 by Babar Saeed
2 answers
In this sentence, which pronoun would one use?"I describe (his, him) dancing in the leaves."
pronoun agreement verb 0 votes, asked Sep 28 '15 by Mallory
2 answers
Subject and verb agreements
I go with the first sentence is correct but I am not sure. Which one is correct? I'm looking for ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Jul 15 '15 by Yena A.
1 answer
subject verb agreement
Reading is fundamental. Books are fundamental. Which combined sentence is correct? Reading books is fundamental. or Reading books are fundamental.
subject-verb agreement 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Jason Woods
1 answer
Problem interpreting sentence.
I can't undertand the meaning of the following sentece: "For instance, if the loan was floating and the change in ...
verb interpretation semantics conju agreement 0 votes, asked May 20 '15 by lucas farias
0 answers
Subject-Verb Agreement With a List
In the following sentence: "Below is a list of changes that is required in order to successfully continue to transfer ...
subject-verb agreement 0 votes, asked May 05 '15 by Charles Cantrell
1 answer
family of familes
Which of the following sentences are correct? As a result, people have less of a connection with their family. or ...
people family nouns agreement plural 0 votes, asked Apr 11 '15 by Joe
2 answers
Which sentence is grammatically correct and why?
1 in 5 women will experience violence in their lifetime. OR 1 in 5 women will experience violence in her ...
grammar pronoun agreement 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '14 by Sara
0 answers
subject verb agreement
In a book I saw the sentence" a man of abilities ARE needed." I'm really confused for I think that ...
agreement number 0 votes, asked Oct 11 '14 by Triton
2 answers
Subject-verb agreement when a preposional phrase follows the subject
Merriam Webster gives: "Grammar is the set of rules that explain how words are used in a language." I believe ...
subject verb agreement +1 vote, asked Sep 29 '14 by Mark McDowell
2 answers
Would plural subject followed by adjective require singular or plural verb?
Which is correct? Cities represented (have or has) grown.
noun verb agreement 0 votes, asked Sep 25 '14 by Maria
2 answers
Subject Verb Agreement
OK, can someone please give me feedback on the following sentences: 1) I personally think the beer and skittles have ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '14 by creztor
0 answers
there is vs. there are
Is the growing use / acceptance of there is - usually in contracted form - a symptom of our society's ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Feb 18 '14 by ...........
0 answers
Verbs in Incomplete Comparisons?
Consider the following sentence: "You cannot format text like I do." Is this an incomplete comparison? A friend told me ...
incomplete COMPARISONS Verbs agreement 0 votes, asked Feb 11 '14 by Derek Lipkin
1 answer
Subject Verb Agreement with "That"
Which is correct? I believe it is required of a pastor that he loves God and lets God lead him, ...
subject verb agreement subject-verb 0 votes, asked Jul 23 '13 by Becky Powers
1 answer
Subject-verb agreement
Why is it sometimes I see a definite article + subject, plural, listed + singular verb? For example, the time ...
subject-verb agreement plural 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '13 by Phoebe
1 answer
subject verb agreement
One eligibility process and one ID card simplifies/simplify the administrative burden. I believe there are two subjects, therefore the correct ...
subjects verb subject-verb agreement 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '12 by Margaret
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