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Is ''a quick ending'' correct? (quick x quickly) (use x usage) (end x ending)
1. Why not 'quickly' instead of 'quick'? I always got confused about the the usage of both. 2. I also ...
Adverb gerund tenses +2 votes, edited Sep 12 by Lily
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adverb or adjective
We use a phrase at our church: We are ordinary people who have discovered the extraordinary good news that..... The ...
Adverb or adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 17 by Doug Ferguson
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Is "recorded timely" good grammar?
Is the phrase "recorded timely" good english grammar? Here's an example of the usage in a sentence: "All transactions should ...
Adverb grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 04 by Dave W.
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Adjectives Modify Nouns: The foundation seems good.
I learned in junior high school that certain "state of being verbs" or "linking verbs" take predicate adjectives that modify ...
adjective Adverb noun Predicateadjective 0 votes, asked Jul 23 by John Odhner
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Adverb vs. Adjective
Hello! In the following sentence, is the word 'much' functioning as an adverb or an adjective? Please explain... "There is ...
Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Jun 16 by Jayanthi
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difference between May not x Must not ?
1- You two must not eat here. 2- Must not eat here. 3- You may not eat here. 4- May ...
may must wordusage Difference Adverb 0 votes, edited Jun 15 by Lily
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Separately or separated?
I recently read a text and cam across a mistake but I can't work out if and why it is ...
Adverb present 0 votes, asked May 25 by Ryan Wheeler
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Grammatical clasification
I would like to know what "very much" is grammatically speaking. And adverb? An adjective? none? (I found it on ...
grammar adjective Adverb pronoun much 0 votes, asked May 22 by Solange
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adverb or adjective
if i describe a something and i say it looks amazingly beautiful or it looks amazing beautifully which one is ...
adjctev Adverb amazing beautiful 0 votes, asked May 16 by Abdulkarim Alnofaie
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meaning of: [subject] "substantively" [verb]
I am trying to determine which meaning is being given to the word "substantively" by the writer of the following ...
Adverb adjective +1 vote, asked Apr 23 by Chad Bennett
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Verb? Adverb surely? Or at least adjective.
I googled disquiet just now and the Google definition had this in its second entry:"verb1.make (someone) worried or uneasy."she felt ...
Adverb adverbs +1 vote, asked Jan 11 by Richie Butler
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differentiating between "more" as adjective or adverb
Is there a proper way to write the phrase "more important information" such that "more" is, without doubt, modifying "information" ...
adjective Adverb +1 vote, asked Jan 04 by Brian Zirkle
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In the sentence She is not intelligent enough, what would the adverb be and why? Also, would intelligent be a ...
Adverb 0 votes, asked Jan 04 by remya
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"unhappily" or "unhappy"
In editing a book for my friend, I changed the sentence, "[Paula is] new in town, has stress at home ...
adjective Adverb 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '15 by stephen davis
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adverb adjective confusion
the girl is beautiful - adjective the girl seems beautiful - adverb ?
Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Nov 12 '15 by roger fitzgerald
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The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Grammatically incorrect?
We can say : The bigger they come, the harder they fall. The higher you climb, the further you fall. ...
Easier adjective Adverb +2 votes, edited Oct 21 '15 by Ian Marshall
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is this sentence correct? "Maya fet badly tha she had to chose one icecream flavor so she chose chocolate an ...
grammar pronouns Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Oct 15 '15 by Sarah
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In "She left crying", is "crying" an adverb, adverbial or both?
In "She left crying", is "crying" an adverb, adverbial or both? I'm writing a book, and I want to use ...
Adverb adverbial 0 votes, asked Oct 11 '15 by Carl
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fast is… an adverb or adj
In the sentence, “Teresa drives her car fast,” fast is… a. an adverb. b. an adjective. c. a verb. d. ...
Adverb adjective verb preposition 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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happy / happily
which one is grammartically right? a parents who works shorter hours but comes home unhappy / unhappily
adjective Adverb 0 votes, asked Jul 29 '15 by 예지 박
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Right or Wrong?
Is this sentence grammatically correct? Could you also suggest a better sentence? Long-pressing the Enter key takes the cursor to ...
Adverb 0 votes, edited Jun 16 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Comparative and Superlative of the adverb 'quick'
Hello there! What's the comparative and the superlative of the adverb 'quick'? As far as I know it's 'quicker and ...
comparative superlative Adverb 0 votes, edited Jun 13 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Such a fool, a pest, etc.
Hi there! Is there any difference in the meaning of the following two sentences? 1) He's a fool! 2) He's ...
such Adverb 0 votes, edited Jun 10 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Use of 'quite'
Is it correct to say 'quite hate' in a conversation like the one below: A: I like sugar products very ...
quite Adverb 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Conjunctive adverbs.
How are conjunctive adverbs adverbs? Adverbs modifies adjectives, verbs and other adverbs, don't they? Then how does however, thus or ...
Conjunction Adverb +1 vote, asked May 21 '15 by Deep
2 answers
I am having a spirited debate over my sentence structure in a question I asked over text message.
I asked this question in a group text: "Still wanting some infused jalapeño tequila steve?" Chaos ensued. I understand that ...
noun Adverb adjective compound 0 votes, asked Feb 28 '15 by Jay B
2 answers
Preposition or adverb?
In my english textbook answer key, the word "out" in this sentence is listed as an adverb. Can someone explain ...
preposition Adverb 0 votes, asked Jan 03 '15 by Francesca
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part of speech
In the below sentence, what part of speech is the word "down"? When the older person ran near him, the ...
preposition Adverb 0 votes, asked Dec 05 '14 by Arpag
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What is the difference of a adverb and a noun prepositional phrase?
ok so I am doing a grammar page on adverbs. On the back side it's telling u 2 do these ...
PrepositionalPhrases noun Adverb 0 votes, asked Nov 18 '14 by darling fang
0 answers
Adverbs without -ly ending
Is it improper to say "the river ran swift and true"? These are adverbs that normally should be written "swiftly" ...
Adverb 0 votes, asked Jan 06 '14 by Nick Beland
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