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"Eye for detail and creative" - correct?
"Eye for detail and creative"Is this phrasing on a resume correct? Would it still remain correct even after leaving out ...
adjective 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by jijifus
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Identify the subject and the adjectives
I have a pen with red, blue, and green ink. What is the subject? What are the adjectives?
subject adjective 0 votes, asked Nov 16 by Cara Oliver
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My girlfriend is an Appalachian country bumpkin. I often disagree with her grammar. Is this correct?
Are these question sentences both grammatically correct? 1. That's all the longer it took?2. That's all the time it took? ...
noun adjective interchangeability question 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by Louis
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worth: adj or noun?
I know that the word "worth" can be an adjective or noun. Here is a sentence: It is not worth ...
Worth adjective noun 0 votes, asked Nov 09 by mark gallagher
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Calling grammar gurus: How do I describe the grammar of a (flawed) compound sentence
I need to describe the following (flawed) sentence in grammatical terms: '"Apparel" means any shirt, coat, or sweater, made of ...
adjective phrases misplaced wor word-order 0 votes, asked Oct 31 by Burntheather
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In the sentence "It was nice meeting you," is meeting a part of the real subject "meeting you" or is ...
adjective complement 0 votes, asked Oct 30 by Kather
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Series of adjectives
Is this sentence punctuated correctly, and are the adjectives in the proper order?: "You will be required to attend monthly, ...
adjective punctuation 0 votes, asked Oct 19 by M. Fujimoto
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Adjective verification
Is the sentence : ' this car has a swift drive,' correct?Is swift correct to describe a car's performance or ...
Swift Driving adjective 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Amy
2 answers
Adjective Capitalization
Hi, I am writing an email to our wedding guests, and I would like to sign it as the future ...
adjective capitalization title-naming names 0 votes, asked Sep 05 by Morgan A McLaughlin
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Best option.
Which of these sentences is best/most correct and what the subject/verb in each? Is there an adjective here? "The key ...
subject object verb adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by Allan
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adverb or adjective
We use a phrase at our church: We are ordinary people who have discovered the extraordinary good news that..... The ...
Adverb or adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 17 by Doug Ferguson
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Words that change their pronunciation before nouns
There have been a lot of talk about the "Harry Potter and the cursed child" on the news, and one ...
stress Pronunciation cursed adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by Juli Kuleshova
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One related to subject verb/adjective agreement
I'm trying to create an error message; someone I work with has posted an incorrect message, which I wish to ...
grammar english subject adjective subject-verb 0 votes, asked Aug 02 by Momo
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Adjectives Modify Nouns: The foundation seems good.
I learned in junior high school that certain "state of being verbs" or "linking verbs" take predicate adjectives that modify ...
adjective Adverb noun Predicateadjective 0 votes, asked Jul 23 by John Odhner
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Grammar check
After a long 15 or so hours traveling. Isn't something about the above sentence wrong?
grammar adjective Sentence 0 votes, asked Jul 16 by Subham Kundu
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When you use an adjective, does it run throughout the whole sentence? For eg: She wore black socks and pants. ...
adjective Sentence 0 votes, asked Jul 14 by Tenzin Lhazey
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Compensatory or compensated?
Which of the following is correct? I am requesting a compensatory leave. or I am requesting a compensated leave. I ...
pastparticiple adjective 0 votes, asked Jul 14 by Junk
2 answers
Simple Adjective or Predicate Adjective
In the sentence, "Chibong spoke to his teacher in a corteous manner." Is "corteous" a simple adjective or a predicate ...
simple predicate adjective Sentence 0 votes, asked Jul 11 by Creo
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Adverb vs. Adjective
Hello! In the following sentence, is the word 'much' functioning as an adverb or an adjective? Please explain... "There is ...
Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Jun 16 by Jayanthi
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Adjective vs Noun in the Name of a Political System
When combining two political systems into one, how do you determine which is the adjective and which is the noun? ...
politics naming adjective 0 votes, edited Jun 13 by Rezilia Grieves
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Grammatical clasification
I would like to know what "very much" is grammatically speaking. And adverb? An adjective? none? (I found it on ...
grammar adjective Adverb pronoun much 0 votes, asked May 22 by Solange
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I can't understand what part of speech it is.
Manchester is a chief cotton manufacturing city. Could you please tell me what part of speech "manufacturing" is?
participle adjective gerund 0 votes, asked May 11 by Rufina Khaziyeva
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hello can you say, 'She drives extremely slowly.' ? is it an, adverb infinitive phrase? Thanks
adjective adverbs 0 votes, asked May 02 by rob
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meaning of: [subject] "substantively" [verb]
I am trying to determine which meaning is being given to the word "substantively" by the writer of the following ...
Adverb adjective +1 vote, asked Apr 23 by Chad Bennett
1 answer
Are these words Adjectives or Nouns?
Would the word "batter's" in the word batter's box be considered an adjective or a noun? For example, "I stepped ...
noun nouns adjective adjectives Sentence 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Dana Evangelist
1 answer
differentiating between "more" as adjective or adverb
Is there a proper way to write the phrase "more important information" such that "more" is, without doubt, modifying "information" ...
adjective Adverb +1 vote, asked Jan 04 by Brian Zirkle
1 answer
Adjective or Possessive?
Someone I know wrote a sentence about the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. In that phrase, wouldn't 'Colts' need an ...
Possess adjective +1 vote, asked Dec 17 '15 by Meganne Bunce
1 answer
"unhappily" or "unhappy"
In editing a book for my friend, I changed the sentence, "[Paula is] new in town, has stress at home ...
adjective Adverb 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '15 by stephen davis
1 answer
boiled and boiling - which is the correct Participle as an Adjective
Hi, I have a concern about "particple as an adjective" As we might already known, participle is verb + -ed ...
participle adjective 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '15 by Trần Minh
2 answers
Adjective + noun
Can I write like this: "It had been yet another unbearably challenging of a morning"?My teacher marked the "of a" ...
adjective noun adjectives teacher of 0 votes, asked Nov 18 '15 by Joel Kaasalainen
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