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Passive vs active voice
Which of these two sentences are passive: 1. Mom's bad behavior needs improvement. 2. The bad behavior of Mom needs ...
passive-voice active-voice +1 vote, asked Oct 23 by Abdul Muizz Badrudin
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Convert From Active to passive voice
Please help me convert the sentence from active voice to passive voice : "The Bird fled into the forest."
ACTIVE-PASSIVE active-voice passive-voice 0 votes, asked Sep 02 by Barrackpore
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How I change this into passive sentences? This was my exam question
People ought to tell us how much they expect of us. "They" refer to the "people"
passive passive-voice Passiveusage activeandpassive active-voice 0 votes, asked Jul 25 by Monica C
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Change the sentences below from the active to the passive
1. Scientists have predicted that an asteroid could hit the Earth in the next few hundred years. 2. When two ...
passive-voice active-voice change sentence-structure +1 vote, asked Jun 30 by Les
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Voice Change
" I am a student " is it active ? or passive ? if it active then do it passive-voice. ...
voice active-voice passive-voice 0 votes, asked May 16 by Jowel Islam Habib
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Passive advanced
Hi, I need a help with this exercise concerning the passive voice. Rewrite in the passive the sentences or clauses ...
passive-voice passive active active-voice +1 vote, edited Apr 02 by Monika Štusková
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Active voice or passive voice?
How do I turn this sentence from passive to active voice? "The main influencing factor behind this steadfast attitude towards ...
passive-voice active-voice 0 votes, asked Mar 22 by Kev
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Active To Passive
Change this:They came to Mumbai
active-voice passive-voice changethevoice +1 vote, asked Feb 16 by Vijay Kulkarni
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passive to active voice converter
In short, a primary emotion is an immediate response, while a secondary emotion is incited by the former, leading to ...
passive-voice passive active-voice active help +1 vote, asked Jan 24 by Emma
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Active voice to passive voice conversion of particular sentence
The sentence is:'Riley let Alex braid her hair.' P.S: Many people with grammar as a strong suit have given me ...
active-voice passive-voice conversion grammar +2 votes, asked Jan 07 by Chikoo2003
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Passive voice to active voice
grammarly is telling me these two sentences are passive. 1. Once a patient is prescribed an IUD, a healthcare professional ...
passive active-voice 0 votes, asked Dec 29 '15 by Brandon Williams
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He was persecuted time and again until his last choice was to escape.
I need to turn this into an Active voice instead of passive. How to do that?
passive to active-voice +1 vote, asked Dec 13 '15 by Mashiyath Zaman
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Identify the sentence that is written in active voice.
a. A disembodied grin was left hanging in the air when the Cheshire Cat disappeared. b. Fourteen songs have been ...
active-voice voice 0 votes, asked Nov 13 '15 by Salman Khan
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change active to passive voice
My boss likes to save money.
active-voice passive-voice -1 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by Mohammad Noman
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Active to Passive
Dear Experts, I have the following sentence to be changed to passive voice. The moon's gravity causes the tides in ...
active-voice passive-voice +1 vote, asked Sep 21 '15 by James
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Passive voice of sentences without object
What is the passive voice of the following sentence?"John plays nicely."
active-voice passive-voice active passive object -1 votes, asked Aug 02 '15 by Razin Shaikh
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Active Voice to Passive Voice
Can someone please rewrite the ff. sentences in active voice to passive voice? 1) The Philippine mandurugo, for instance, has ...
passive-voice active-voice verb passive active 0 votes, asked Mar 31 '15 by Ivis Baironet
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Passive to active voice conversion
Thus, the design is constrained by the range of current production motorcycle, and will be compared using miles/kWh. Convert the ...
active-voice passive-voice -2 votes, asked Mar 26 '15 by jakob
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Changing the passive voice to the active
How can I change this sentence to the active voice? We watch an learn what is accepted and desired in ...
active-voice 0 votes, asked Oct 27 '14 by Karen Bush
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make to active voice
Change into active voicece C. Telephone wires hav been cut.
active-voice +1 vote, asked Jan 22 '14 by shibil
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How can I rewrite this sentence into active voice.
This should be a major concern of ours since everyone needs water to survive.
active-voice passive-voice 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '13 by esha
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In Active and Passive voice, when subject and object change position, do they change the roles too ?
for e.g John drove car <=> car was driven by John in the passive voice , can we say 'car' ...
active-voice passive-voice 0 votes, asked Aug 26 '13 by Arun K
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Passive voice, or not?
Passive voice: Caesar was stabbed by Brutus.Active voice: Brutus stabbed Caesar. Passive voice (?) with details: Caesar with no knowledge, ...
passive-voice active-voice 0 votes, asked Dec 03 '12 by Peter Torpson
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