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Convert Active to Passive (intransitive verbs?)
Is it at all possible to convert the following sentences from active voice to passive voice. I was told that ...
passive active intransitive Infinitive gerund 0 votes, asked Oct 21 by Paulal John
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passive voice
what exactly is a passive voice? I looked at the definition and then but it still doesn't make sense
Word Style passive voice active +1 vote, asked Oct 17 by Andrew Dawson
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passive voice
what exactly is a passive voice? I looked at the definition and then but it still doesn't make sense
Word Style passive voice active +1 vote, asked Oct 17 by Andrew Dawson
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change it to passive voice and active voice
Ron Flander's rocke ship was fixed by me three months ago
active and passive voice 0 votes, asked Oct 05 by Stephen
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Change passive voice to active
1. When trade routes were created, more jobs were invented. 2. Jesus is portrayed by the Gospels as being a ...
passive ACTIVE-PASSIVE active 0 votes, asked Sep 07 by Kenzie
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Change these to active voice
They are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.All men are created equal.
active passive ACTIVE-PASSIVE voice 0 votes, asked Sep 05 by Bruley
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convert from active voice to passive voice
I am afraid someone has broken into the office again.
active to passive 0 votes, asked Jul 24 by pardha
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Active to Passive Help
Type N/A if not possible 1.)Children read storybooks every night.2.)The director creates a project to showcase the talents of the ...
active to passive voice Thanks 0 votes, asked Jul 11 by Ay Cat
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Is this correct?
He won't taught by your silence!
active passive -1 votes, asked May 16 by Sinbad
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Passive to active voice.
Good day, I need help changing the following sentence from passive to active voice: 1. Testimony was heard from the ...
passive to active passive-voice 0 votes, asked Apr 28 by Henry Strauss
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Passive advanced
Hi, I need a help with this exercise concerning the passive voice. Rewrite in the passive the sentences or clauses ...
passive-voice passive active active-voice +1 vote, edited Apr 02 by Monika Štusková
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Active and Passive sentences
How can i change this sentence from passive to active? Please be advised that nothing other than a trash bag ...
passive to active voice 0 votes, asked Mar 21 by brooke
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active voice
Make the selection that places this sentence entirely in active voice. Foolish people ​________common safety rules and ignite​ fireworks, such ...
active voice passive 0 votes, asked Mar 19 by gabby
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passive to active voice converter
In short, a primary emotion is an immediate response, while a secondary emotion is incited by the former, leading to ...
passive-voice passive active-voice active help +1 vote, asked Jan 24 by Emma
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Passive Voice or Active Voice
Hello, I have two questions about passive or active voice. First, What is more correct: Jimmy Hendrix was thought to ...
passive active +1 vote, asked Jan 17 by sofia
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Passive voice to active voice
How can I change these sentences from passive to active voice? When considering the issue of whether Puritans should be ...
passive voice active 0 votes, asked Jan 12 by Hollie
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Active voice to passive voice
1.He did not write the exam well and did not get pass. 2.The thief broke open the almaraha and he ...
active voice to passive-voice +1 vote, asked Dec 08 '15 by Thanappan.P
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Passive to active conversion
How to write these as active sentences? His application is not yet certified for Windows 10. The documents were written ...
passive active conversion +2 votes, asked Oct 22 '15 by Don Lutz
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Passive voice of sentences without object
What is the passive voice of the following sentence?"John plays nicely."
active-voice passive-voice active passive object -1 votes, asked Aug 02 '15 by Razin Shaikh
28 answers
converter active to passive
1- He expected us to ofter him the job.2- They showed her the eastier way to do it.3- Lightning struck ...
active to passive help Thanks -5 votes, asked May 10 '15 by Maria
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Active Voice to Passive Voice
Can someone please rewrite the ff. sentences in active voice to passive voice? 1) The Philippine mandurugo, for instance, has ...
passive-voice active-voice verb passive active 0 votes, asked Mar 31 '15 by Ivis Baironet
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Passive Voice
Marijuana affects humans in a variety of ways, but the complexity of the plant's pharmacology cannot be ignored. Cannabinoids have ...
active passive voice Style 0 votes, asked Nov 24 '14 by Jason Thomas
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passive & active forms
Dear All, As I know the verbs “increase” and “decrease” don’t normally occur in the passive form. What about the ...
passive active 0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Lola
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passive voice
Plz somebody help me.Jimin will break his promise.Changed- The promise will be broken by Jimin.Why "his" is changed 'The'??Is it ...
passive active 0 votes, asked Dec 13 '13 by 김영주
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omission of 'which is'/ passive Vs active
What is the part of speech of 'regarded' in "a quality regarded as characteristic of poems"? shouldn't the verb be ...
passive active relative pronoun omission 0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by jadehk
2 answers
Passive to Active Voice
Here is my thesis statement for my introduction paragraph "The dramatic increase of childhood obesity is caused by three significant ...
passive voice active 0 votes, asked Aug 06 '12 by Rodel Garcia
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How could I change an active sentence to passive one?
"{He waters his flowers every day afternoon carefully in greenhouse.}"
active 0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by hadi
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