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Making an initialism possessive in first-time use, when typically it is not
Below is an example of a first-time, possessive initialism that isn't normally possessive. Should the short form (in parens) be ...
initialism acronym possessive 0 votes, edited Jul 18 by Shelley
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Why doesn't EPA use the definite article?
I've always thought that initialisms use the definite article (the FBI, the CIA), acronyms leave it out (NASA, NOAA). EPA ...
initialism acronym definite article 0 votes, asked Jul 24 '14 by Brennan Sang
2 answers
Using a hyphen in a compound adjective that includes an acronym
In my organization, one of the policies for using acronyms in written material is to first spell out, or define, ...
hyphen acronym compound adjective +1 vote, asked Apr 15 '13 by Chacka Garcia
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