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Would using '1' instead of 'one' still make sense?
I know that in sentences like this: "She first greeted the host, then took of her coat," you have to ...
abbreviations Abbreviation +2 votes, asked Oct 08 by Brian
1 answer
2 GBs or 2 GB?
When texting your friend, do you use 'GBs' or 'GB' to abbreviate 'gigabytes'? Example sentence: "I only have 2 GB[s] ...
abbreviations Abbreviation +1 vote, asked Sep 26 by Brian
2 answers
2GBs or 2 GBs
When talking about two gigabytes, is it correct to have 'GBs' connected to '2'?
abbreviations Abbreviation +1 vote, asked Sep 22 by Brian
0 answers
Comma after abbreviated "junior" or after bracket or both?
This was in committee meeting minutes; however, the word Junior was abbreviated. John Jones, Junior [San Francisco County], Chairman; Is ...
comma with Abbreviation of junior 0 votes, asked Jun 29 by Lauretta Young
1 answer
Grammar check
Are the following sentences grammatically correct? The average male child weighs 3 kg. The average baby boy weighs 3 kg. ...
grammar Abbreviation 0 votes, edited Jun 30 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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types for shorting words
there are 8 types of shorted words:abbreviation,contraction,acronyms,initialisms and...what are the other types??
Abbreviation contraction acronyms initialisms etc +1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by hoseinmir
1 answer
Can I use Rect as the shorting of Rectangle?
I have made a mobile game. It is a game containing many rectangle elements. Its original title is Rectangle Pushers. ...
Abbreviation 0 votes, asked May 09 '15 by T L
1 answer
i.e. and e.g. .............. or ie and eg
Are the versions without abbreviation points correct or acceptable?
Latin Abbreviation 0 votes, asked Nov 27 '14 by chris johnson
1 answer
Period after a period?
I am trying to end a sentence with the time of day. Which is correct? We will leave at 8:30 ...
Abbreviation ending punctuation 0 votes, asked Oct 03 '13 by Rebekah
3 answers
Capitalization of an abbreviation in a subject line
If I have to write 'wrt' in a subject line, should it be all small/all caps/first letter capital?
wrt Abbreviation capitalization subject email 0 votes, asked Dec 21 '12 by Ankur Sharma
0 answers
Hi. Do you or do you not put a period after abbreviateing Saint, as in St.Peter's Cathedral ? I have ...
Abbreviation saint 0 votes, asked Jul 11 '12 by Anne Pentilla
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