1 answer
Please correct the following sentence
im so thrilled to be here today the famous author said
0 votes, asked Feb 23 by Allen
1 answer
hi i have a question regarding Plagiarism ‎ , if I paste my assignment in the premium grammarly subscription.. Will ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by fay
1 answer
Comma or full stop?
Could you please tell me if it is correct to have a comma in the middle of this sentence or ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Rebecca Chambers
1 answer
Passive to active voice
I need to change 'knowledge is pivotal to business success, and deep smarts (a form of personal knowledge) is gained ...
Passive-active passive-voice 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by leanne
1 answer
Works or Worded Ends or Ended
I am trying to say that after we worked out the numbers it ends up cheaper for us to do ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Colleen Forbes
1 answer
Can simple present be used with present perfect in this sentence?
Before Mum brushes her teeth, she has eaten her dinner.
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Elaine Gan
0 answers
Diminish as a verb and diminished as an adjective
I wonder if someone could tell me which of the following sentences is correct, or are they both correct and ...
0 votes, edited Feb 22 by Ruth mcdonald
2 answers
tights,choir,customs,time,history,clothes,jeans..which one of them is plural .pair.collective?!
how can i know to choose the right answer with these words... like tights .i have the question that say ...
countable plural pair singular collective 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by quadcore003
1 answer
Conjugation complex sentence
In the following sentence, would the verb be "continue" or "continues"? As the focus on correcting conditions and policies that ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Fiona
0 answers
Capitalization in Headings/Captions
In a technical document, like a test report, what are the rules for capitalization of certain words in a heading ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by issarichardian
0 answers
all together or altogether
"We may not have it all together but together we have it all." Question - should it be all together ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Liz Kelley
1 answer
letter of confirmation
Is this correct letter: Dear Professor,Thank you for this information.I am writing to confirm that I received information about travel ...
letter 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by opp
1 answer
compound subject and verb agreement
when you have a compound subject, what is the verb agreement? For example, which of the following is correct? 1) ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Geri Chaudhri
1 answer
Usage of want/ Want to
You can win every time you want
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by s
1 answer
Do I need to include the word "why" in this sentence?
That’s the reason you first wanted life insurance.
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by andy roche
1 answer
Why would anyone renew my subscription without my permission ? why is it that no one can answer the phone ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by sabrina stines
1 answer
Is this sentence acceptable in standard English?
Can you return the book till next Tuesday?
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Neelima Anumula
0 answers
grammatical mistakes
There is a annual function held in our college.
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by BUBUN KUMAR
1 answer
Me or myself
Which is correct: "the team consisted of myself, Bob and Joe" or "the team consisted of me, Bob and Joe"?
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Karen
2 answers
is it the correct form of sentence
Would request approval to settle the below mentioned loan account
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by buntymohanty
2 answers
Comma use
Do I use a comma before but when it is a point of comparison e.g, she is great but could ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Lucy
2 answers
Correct or wrong
Mam tomorrow morning i don't have tution
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by jyothi p
1 answer
What is the passive voice of we proposed to build a dam for irrigation purposes
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Vikash kumar
1 answer
verb forms
he said that he______(read) that book.
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Umme Beg
1 answer
Is this sentence is correct
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by SUCHANDRA ROY
1 answer
Identify The Clause
kamla Chandrakant was the first to join and she wrote few script . ( Identify clause)
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by pawan Patil
1 answer
I don't like when she tells me that I have to study
Need corrected sentence
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Bala sundaram
2 answers
Singular or plural
Is it correct to say - all the cast is wonderful or all of the cast are wonderful? Thank you...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Claudia walton
1 answer
Which statement is correct
I want my son to clean his room. Is it a i don't want my son to forget to clean ...
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Tracey Gray
2 answers
The humidity level was ____yesterday.fill in the blank
0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Prakhar Mishra
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