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use of in on of
What is the correct way of writing below. Trainer of Sales Skills? Trainer in Sales Skills? Trainer on Sales Skills?
use of in on 0 votes, asked Jul 10 '15 by Ranawaka
1 answer
What she meant to you is ineffable for me........I want to ask is this sentence right or not
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '15 by Amit goyal
2 answers
The use of 'who'
"My father works at the bank, who will retire soon." Is this sentence grammatically correct or should it be "My ...
who +1 vote, asked Jul 10 '15 by Hae Seok Lee
1 answer
Correct use of word
If someone were to be exposed to something could I say they were "under exposure"? In the same way that ...
Worduse Word-choice expose 0 votes, asked Jul 10 '15 by Chris
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APA style
." or ". Which do you not want floating out there, the period or the quotation mark?
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by Tom Northern
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Does this sentence make sense?
So, I guess your hatred of me has been simmered down at the moment
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by Lilli McGhee
1 answer
Should the word "officers" in this sentence begin with a capital letter?
Accroding to the police report, Officers were dispatched to the Mendiola residence for a report of family violence.
caps 0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by Trey Hemphill
1 answer
Would you write a job well done or a job done well
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by Barbara Watson
0 answers
Proper wording
Hi! I'm curious about the correct way to contunue the following conversation: - I've sent you a link. You'll find ...
proper phrases 0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by Anastasia Paslavskaya
0 answers
pleae check and confirm, the below sentences.
"Simulate the issue in our local schema is very difficult"
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by SHANKAR
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What's a difference between vary, varied, varing if we want to use it like adj. ?
Hello I can't understand a difference between vary, varied, varying if I want use one of the forms of "vary" ...
0 votes, edited Jul 09 '15 by Vadim
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Adjective use
A recent news article read "Gay flag-burning man realeased..." Does the adjective "gay" apply to the "flag-burning" in the sentence, ...
adjective 0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by terd bergle
1 answer
hates or hated?
I googled hates and nothing came up. So, I wonder if "hates" is a word? Which one is correct? "She ...
Verbs 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by Nah Man
0 answers
Beginning sentences with "So"
I have noticed recently that people often begin sentences with "So". How would such a sentence be diagramed? Is 'so' ...
so 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by Linda Wakely
0 answers
Lost on me+how
Hello all. I know about the usage of 'be lost on' to mean one doesn't understand something. I want to ...
+1 vote, asked Jul 08 '15 by shamoon
0 answers
Is the use of your and Alyssa's correct in sentence?
Is the use of your and Alyssa's correct in this sentence? I will send you the revised minutes with your ...
0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by Donna Downey
1 answer
Revise the following sentences to eliminate needless or misused commas.
1. Classes were canceled for five days because, of the heat. 2. My sister was furious, when I dragged her ...
+1 vote, asked Jul 08 '15 by Jack
1 answer
without 'my'
Sister is sweeping the floor.Is this sentence correct?
gramm 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by 晓 慧
0 answers
Which preposition to use: through or by?
Here is the example I have: We encourage growth by respecting tradition. OR We encourage growth through respecting tradition.
0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by lesliesnyder
0 answers
Capitalization in hyphenated words
If the first part of a hyphenated word is capitalized, should the second part also be capitalized? For example, is ...
hyphenated capitalization +1 vote, asked Jul 08 '15 by Mike Connaughton
0 answers
Cactus and species as singular and plural
When referring to several species of cactus (generic collective)/cacti/cactuses, would you write/say "cactus species" or "cacti species"? On the one ...
adjectives 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by Lloyd John Friedrich
1 answer
tense of drink
Which is correct: Have you drank coffee in the past 30 days? Have you drunk coffee in the past 30 ...
0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by Phoebee
0 answers
A/the. How much certain word should be that we use "the" article ? :(
Hello I've got an issue about when I should put "a" or "the" before an noun. Of course, I know ...
a the article 0 votes, edited Jul 08 '15 by Vadim
0 answers
Using Articles correctly in a sentence
I am not a native English speaker. I saw a sign near my house that read: "This neighborhood used to ...
Articles +1 vote, asked Jul 08 '15 by Vik
1 answer
its or our
'Our' doesn't seem right in the sentence below, is it better to change it to 'its' or rewrite the sentence ...
0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by Carole Broad
1 answer
pronunciation of a person's name
Could you let me know how you pronounce a family name "Lyth", [li:th] or [laith]?
pronouciation Name 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by ootarou
2 answers
pass the msg for my friend.
my son is sleeping now. so i am not come to the park.
0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by ranjani
0 answers
Choice of Conditionals
Hello there! Consider this example situation: Dave, a computer programmer, works until 2:00 in the morning every day (or night?). ...
conditionals +1 vote, edited Jul 11 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Use of lie/lay in LA Times story
I saw this sentence in the Los Angeles times today: "Watts resident Mary Brooks had hip surgery there in 2003, ...
LIE lay lying +1 vote, asked Jul 07 '15 by Larry Andrick
0 answers
repetition of object
which one of the following sentences is right?what I told you later will help.what i told you later will help ...
0 votes, asked Jul 07 '15 by saeed
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