1 answer
check whisch is correct
What is the right grammar? stressing day or stressful day??
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by harry jane ripdos
0 answers
Do the following sentences make sense? "Probability plays a role in our everyday activities and understanding how it works can ...
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Mo Salim
0 answers
use of 'the' in a position title
"John Doe is director of Acme's marketing division" or "John Doe is the director of Acme's marketing division"?
the 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Jasun
1 answer
phrasing a question
i asked, what do you do for a living and was told this was wrong. how do you say this ...
phrasing questions 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Suz Doomagiggy
0 answers
Question about coordinate adjectives.
Which of these is properly punctuated? "the big, old dog" or "the big old dog" and "the rusted, red wagon" ...
coordinate adjectives 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Derek O'Halloran
1 answer
Remain suspend or suspended?
The classes will remain suspend or suspended. Wich is correct? And why? Pls reply
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Jyoti Pandey
0 answers
Subject and object when the verb is 'to be'
I have difficulty defining what is the subject and what is the object in the sentence: "The main application of ...
subject object 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Serafim S
2 answers
can anyone help me to make the sentence right
you have changed alot
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by shilpa thakur
1 answer
poetic license
We were having an online discussion about sometihng on TV. The host was making disparaging remarks about someone and his ...
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Anthony Kress
1 answer
Grammer error?
My teacher asked me ''Do you like to work'' which doesnt make sense. ''Do you like working was the correct ...
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by sally
1 answer
Determiner + Nominal Possessive Pronoun?
Is it possible to have a determiner for an N.P.P.? For example, in the sentence, "The fault is half his," ...
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by cdenni2
0 answers
How would you explain the structure of this sentence: If I never set foot in (a boat) again, it will ...
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by Sandra
0 answers
use of correlative conjunctions
He____came _____ sent a noteCan not only but also be used IIn the sentence
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by Aqeel malbari
1 answer
Incorrect usage?
"With regards to" Shouldn't it be "regarding", or, "with regard to"
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by Sharon Jautz
1 answer
is this correct?
For me loyalty is one’s devotion unconditionally.
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by Joan Agdeppa
0 answers
Which maternity wear is most comfortable for the expectant?
The moment any woman discovers she is pregnant she should be thinking about the maternity wear. It will not take ...
Internet -1 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by Charita Washington
0 answers
use of such as
what type of sentence uses "such as"? Simple, Compound, Complex?
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by pamela
1 answer
noun-verb agreement
Would you say "Information about the context and content of the presentation is ou are given below"? Thanks a lot.
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '14 by Monica Schuck
2 answers
Quotation Marks
How would you punctuate the following sentence using British grammar rules? I think the quote "You are what you eat" ...
quotations 0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Ruth Daly
1 answer
Does this sentance make sense?
I'm using the following sentace as a bullet point for my qualifications on my resume and I just wanted to ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Mackenzie
1 answer
Do you use all is wanted or all was wanted for the sports event?
All is or are wanted?
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Tan Carol
2 answers
Do I have "organization" skills" or "organizational" skills?
If I am skilled at organization, do I have organization skills or organizational skills? The -al ending means "the act ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by jn
1 answer
I need help correcting these sentences, as well as an explanation as to why they are incorrect. 1. The room ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Lee Walls
1 answer
sef confidence
How can I build my set confidence in English actually I want to speak correct english
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by mala
0 answers
DIY tiling?
I've a little round feature desk with top. I would like to test my hand. Is it feasible do I, ...
gadget -1 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Justin Ferror
0 answers
technical question
Is anyone else having a problem with grammarly on an ipad?
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Janie Stone
1 answer
'I could not be able to come'-is the sentence gramtically wright or wrong?
Structure 0 votes, asked Sep 15 '14 by Sayan Goswami
2 answers
Hello. I'm from Brazil and I have learned that the correct preposition in the following sentence is "of". "I need ...
0 votes, asked Sep 14 '14 by Monica Schuck
1 answer
verb tenses
which is correct? the website says they are both correct. They had been seeding their lawn. or They have been ...
0 votes, asked Sep 14 '14 by rebecca
1 answer
Comma or Semi-colon?
Which is correct: (a) Progressed from Dealer to Executive Dealer, Team Manager and Group Manager (last held position) OR (b) ...
0 votes, asked Sep 14 '14 by Jemimah
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