1 answer
make or makes
Reading always make/makes people wiser
0 votes, asked Mar 15 '14 by Pari
2 answers
What does "come out of his pen" mean?
What do these phrases mean? -- The letter has come out of his pen. -- He did come out of ...
grammar expression example live 0 votes, asked Mar 15 '14 by ershov
1 answer
Word order
How to re-word this? See example: The purpose of the report is to convince those within the workplace that paternity ...
0 votes, asked Mar 15 '14 by Felicia Richards
1 answer
Which choice describes how the underlined pronoun is used in the sentence? Yes, my aunt suprised me with an early ...
0 votes, asked Mar 14 '14 by Omar
1 answer
over charge
I just subscribed for your discount of 60% off from your advertized price in the email you sent me of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 14 '14 by Clark Church
1 answer
revising the recommendation letter
please help me to correct my grammatical errors in this recommendation letter and suggest the better expressions with words used ...
letters -1 votes, asked Mar 14 '14 by Xu Yue
1 answer
grammatical names
Grammatical name of sentence 'who themselves are often willing collaborators against the institution of marriage'
0 votes, asked Mar 14 '14 by Alhassan Abdullahi Rani
1 answer
direct and indirect speech
Mohan says,"he was going to aligarh now."
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '14 by arun chaudhary
1 answer
My grammar
I just can't understand the fault in it, even by the explanations. See example: Sugar cane and sugar beet essentially ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '14 by Shreyansh
1 answer
correct usage
What is correct or are both correct James and I or James and me
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '14 by malcolm wallace
1 answer
Sentence structure
I have the following complex sentence - In order to analyze the elastica deformation theoretically, we first divide the elastica ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '14 by Oren Richard
0 answers
sentence format
what would be a better way to word this sentence. See example: After sperm is released from the male's reproduction ...
-1 votes, asked Mar 12 '14 by Keena Chambliss
1 answer
Identifying and Non-identifying Adjective Clauses
Here is the sentence."When we get together, we like to talk about the old days when we all lived at ...
commas 0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by John Stevens
1 answer
i don't know this paper can you help me please
1. what country did we fight during the Revolutionary war? ___________________________________________________________ 2. why did the amercan colonies fight the war? ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by ahmed
2 answers
Use of comma after a short introductory prepositional phrase.
Is the comma used correctly in the following sentence? In Canada, euthanasia is punishable by imprisonment.
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Bill Abramowicz
2 answers
Come or Comes
Grab a set of bananas that actually come(s) with peace of mind. Should it be 'come' or 'comes'? Bananas come ...
come comes 0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Serge
1 answer
Punctuation before or after trademark superscript at end of sentence?
If a superscripted mark comes at the end of a sentence, does it go before or after the ending punctuation? ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by CopyGirl
1 answer
Dear Parents, A reminder that our children are all over the parking lot, daily. Please use caution when pulling into ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by mary lyman
1 answer
Active to passive
The dolphins have learned many tricks
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Younis
1 answer
Board minutes
We need to vote to change Financial year. How should I say: See example: From March to February to January ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Céline
1 answer
Finding grammatical errors in senetences
1.He takes the / prescribed medicine regularly / and that is how / he has succeed to control his ailment. ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Ravi Chandran
0 answers
Hi romel Take note. We have to plan for tomorrow in morning Spool sent at site.Before at 8:
Please check
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Chokkalingam Ramasamy
0 answers
Grammarly Usage
I was always able to use Grammarly check on my microsoft word. I had a Grammarly in my Microsoft tool ...
grammarly Usage -1 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Andre Minn
1 answer
Using they or those
I am editing sentence fragments containing two possible versions: "...all they who would go with me." or "...all those who ...
they those 0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Phillip Moormann
1 answer
Use of articles
Is it correct to us the definite artilce The in this phrase "The uniformed workers" ?
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by dawa
0 answers
comma use
Which one correct? March, 2014 or March 2014
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Mama
0 answers
Past progressive tense
Can 'had been friends' be cited as an example for past progressive tense?
past progressive tense verb 0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by R Saleem
0 answers
change from plural to singular
The children were flying kites.
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Supriya Salunke
1 answer
commas between either, or, and or both?
Which version/versions below are correct? All of the reviewed engines were either too heavy or underpowered or both. All of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Katie
0 answers
'all traces are removed' or 'all traces removed'?
which of those is correct?
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by taejin chung
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