1 answer
why does cassius work so hard to bring brutus into the conspiracy ?
Why does Cassius work so hard to bring Brutus into the conspiracy ?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Carol Singletary
1 answer
Use of a word
Can you say:- "We consisted on peanut butter sandwiches and rice when my parents lost their jobs." I thought it ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Liz
1 answer
Comma, semicolon; or em dash --
Hi, this is the first sentence of an essay describing my decision not to go to college immediately after high ...
comma Semicolon dash complex 0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Todd Andrew
2 answers
is it his celebrating or him celebrating
Here is the sentence: Here is a photo of him celbrating a birthday or should it be: here is a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by arthur
3 answers
Word showing wrong grammar structur, plz advise.
What is wrong with this sentence and how would you rephrase it? Thank you. "Numerical modeling for the support of ...
grammar sentences fibers Structure 0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Viktor Klouček
0 answers
Identifying Phrases and Clauses
I am trying to identify all of the clauses and phrases in the letter from the movie, Breakfast Club, that ...
phrases Clauses 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by SciFiJunky
3 answers
After finding her classes’ grades were slipping, the teacher decided to stay, for an extra hour after school each day. ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by Tania
1 answer
English grammar
It's a ........... serious problem that we must all help to solve. choose one and why . a)real b)really
0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by kimlana
1 answer
Singular or Plural?
Which one is correct? *.....that each of our clients deserve. *.....that each of our clients deserves. I think it's the ...
singular plural 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by nyer
0 answers
past participle mis-use
Why is "interested" grammatically incorrect in the following sentence? Buddhism is an interested topic. The student wanted to say, in ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by Jon Weaver
1 answer
Dialogue: New paragraph when a speaker addresses someone new?
When writing dialogue, I know that a new paragraph is needed whenever the person speaking changes. But what about when ...
dialogue Paragraphs 0 votes, edited Apr 24 '15 by Don Hamilton
1 answer
Capitalization of class
Should I capitalize the following "Ensures that Direct Supervision principles are followed."Direct Supervison is a class. I believe it is ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by heather
0 answers
which is grammatically correct , whether 'who are you talking to? ' or ' to whom are you talking?' thanks! ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by Amit Soni
1 answer
What is the difference between the following sentences? Does she finished her work? and Did she finish her work?
0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by kibrom
0 answers
If Pattern
Because it does not casting concrete long time and it will have error after casting concrete has finished if we ...
casting concrete 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by Theingi
1 answer
Change active to passive
Kamala told Suresh about it .
Favor 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by Amrit R.B
2 answers
Verb tense
What tense is the verb have been?
tenses 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '15 by Sharon Sheppard
1 answer
'of English Grammar' or 'of the English Grammar'
Hi, I am strugling with this problem. Is it (a) or (b)? a) The Emergence of the English Grammar b) ...
article use 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Martin
0 answers
Usee of Subjunctive
Doe the subjunctive form of TO REMAINshould be use in the sentence? "I that the Department REMAINs in its ...
0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Loreto Porte
1 answer
Is there a synonym for someone I know?
I am looking for a word that describes a person as someone I know, without describing the actual relationsip I ...
Synonym synonyms relationship person 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Anonymous
1 answer
figures of speech
He is leading a sedentary lifestyle. (What is the figure of speech in this sentence)
0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Altamash shaikh
1 answer
Behavioral analysis on weight management
on how to begin to write a correct sentence on my essay?
0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Marita
1 answer
word in a sentence
Help! Which is correct? "as day approaching near...or as day approaches near" thanks, thann
0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by thann
2 answers
writing time of day
Do I write the time of day as two o'clock or 2:00?
+1 vote, asked Apr 20 '15 by Amy
2 answers
what article use in elephant
-1 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by draj lokhande
0 answers
A question to native English speakers
At work, my boss is trying to decide what to name his new website. He just can't decide which sounds ...
-1 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by J.D.
1 answer
grammatical error
one of my friend told me the sentence "answer of the question no 1" is correct. but another friend told ...
0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Morshed Prince
1 answer
During the 1800’s there was two different kinds of movement, such as, western movement and immigration. Movement can also influence ...
0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Libni
2 answers
Possessive form
Is it human rights violations or human rights' violations?
Possessives 0 votes, asked Apr 19 '15 by Eileen Waite
1 answer
I saw that film for the first time two years ago. why is this sentence correct?
0 votes, asked Apr 19 '15 by naddy
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