1 answer
I need to improve this sentence: They reflect the lifestyle of this century, allowing people to save their time and ...
0 votes, asked Mar 28 '14 by antonio vento
1 answer
Should there be a comma between "grew" and "more" in the first line? Let me know what you think! See ...
0 votes, asked Mar 28 '14 by Melissa Kauffman
0 answers
What is an abstract?
What is an abstract?
-1 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by Banmatie Ramkissoon
0 answers
Scholarship Open to Graduating Seniors Only or Scholarship Open Only to Graduating Seniors
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by SGreen
0 answers
Is the 7-day free use of Grammarly restricted to once a day?
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by Susan Evans
0 answers
is carried
what to write in place of is carried See example: This Systematic review is carried out to investigate the knowledge, ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by neelam tiwari
0 answers
Explanation of Law advisory service regarding Bankruptcy and debt restructuring
One of my company's expertise is handling clients that has problems with bankruptcy and debt. I would be very thankful ...
-1 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by firdaus adhitya
1 answer
I didn't understand the mistake
can you kindly explain the misusage of the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentence. See example: Primarily, naughty youngsters ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by marina
1 answer
Line item veto
Line item veto benefits local region; however, it does nothing for the government as a whole. See example: Line item ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by Clarence Houge
1 answer
file a request vs. the filing of a request
Please proceed with filing a request for extension. Please proceed with the filing of a request for extension. Is ''filing" ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by Ema Kis
1 answer
Too, also and as well
I'd like to know the differences/nuances in using too, also and as well. I know how to use them (grammarly) ...
+1 vote, asked Mar 27 '14 by Agnes Molnar
3 answers
using who or whom
do I have to use whom? See example: Decisions tell a lot about who you are, and especially if they ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '14 by Daniel Abreu
2 answers
I can't decide if this sentence is correct or not.
"DO NOT follow trend of the tourists, if you are a well-seasoned traveler, you should know this by now." The ...
grammar comma 0 votes, edited Mar 27 '14 by Vincent Croos
3 answers
Can you reword this?
Good afternoon Ally, I was prepared to lead the meeting however, there was no one who arrived and some folks ...
0 votes, asked Mar 26 '14 by Lucia Alicea
1 answer
Using any thing vs. anything
Which one is correct and why. Any thing vs Anything Please let me know if you need anything else.Please let ...
+1 vote, asked Mar 26 '14 by Happy
0 answers
Word order
Furthermore, she cited legislative and executive actions taken in the 1990s to perpetuate the misconstrued theory of "the culture of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 26 '14 by abimbola sotomi
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well digger or Well Digger
When you are talking about the person do you use well digger or Well Digger?
0 votes, asked Mar 26 '14 by Lyn Petrie
1 answer
in or on
Hi, I always struggle with the use of "in" or "on". Some advices will help me. Thank you
0 votes, asked Mar 25 '14 by Melva De Leon
0 answers
Desktop Icon
How can I add the Grammarly Icon to my desktop?
+1 vote, asked Mar 24 '14 by Larry Neilson
1 answer
how would you reword this: "This author’s role option, family nurse practitioner, understands that the health issues and concerns that ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 '14 by roxanne raya
1 answer
Ending of a letter
When enclosing something or making some one a copy party to a letter, is it correct that the shortened Enc. ...
Enclosure 0 votes, asked Mar 24 '14 by Lauren Nease
1 answer
Is 'confessioner' a word?
I'm pretty sure that's what you call a priest to whom people go to confess their sins. See example: Father ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 '14 by Roselyn Sims
1 answer
Read the following sentence for once: "Using a knowledge poor approach (explicit information from the text rather than implicit world ...
adjectives and noun 0 votes, asked Mar 24 '14 by Nousher Ahmed
1 answer
Is this sentence correct?
Is this sentence correct? "The documentation is very clearly and logically arranged and readily available. "
grammar 0 votes, edited Mar 24 '14 by Gijumon
1 answer
When to use keep or keeps
0 votes, asked Mar 23 '14 by Peter Bitter
1 answer
Which sentence is correct?
1. I help Mum to water the plant. 2. I help Mum watering the plant. 3. I help Mum water ...
0 votes, asked Mar 23 '14 by Paula Lui
1 answer
commas within quotation marks and the space within
When I write dialogue, grammarly keeps insisting there be a space between the comma and the end quotation marks. Grammarly ...
0 votes, asked Mar 23 '14 by Peggy Knott
1 answer
Use of Quotation marks around titles on office doors of buildings when writing.
Should the name of a title on an office door as seen by a character in a story be written ...
0 votes, asked Mar 23 '14 by Peggy Knott
2 answers
how should i say it? See example: I hope that ENC helps, encourage me in achieving my goal with less ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '14 by Arthur Almeda
1 answer
please correct this
A glorious life is not just athe life with so much physical success,money,marriage,best education,health,and so on.a glorious life is a ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '14 by olorunsogo oladapo
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