1 answer
Pediatrician essay
How can I improve this sentence- I will educate families about pediatric illnesses to provide their children a healthy lifestyle.
0 votes, asked Aug 17 '15 by Nathan
2 answers
Verb Use
In the following sentence, which verb use after the conjunction is correct, "each of you sign" or "each of you ...
0 votes, asked Aug 17 '15 by Chris
1 answer
It looks like delicious
It looks like delicious
0 votes, asked Aug 17 '15 by padmaja rosebell
1 answer
english grammar
create a sentence illustrating a hyperbole using the words criedd and lake
0 votes, asked Aug 17 '15 by akash
2 answers
Which one is coorect while using in sentence: "IN an average" or "ON an average"
+1 vote, asked Aug 17 '15 by Aly
1 answer
Grammar check
We are at cooking
0 votes, asked Aug 17 '15 by anil
3 answers
to wear someone away
Please what's the meaning of " to wear someone away". I found it in this sentence: Mr. Crosby is a ...
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by Djahane Samarcande
3 answers
How do I save the changhes I m
how do I save the changes I make? When I return to the document no changes have been saved and ...
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by Frank Daley
2 answers
is it right?
I had a fleeting glance at your website
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by Mit
1 answer
active to passive
1) I saw him opening the box. 2) Do you understand my meaning? 3) They called him a fool
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by banita
1 answer
'History of Job Application' OR 'Job Application History' ?
Hi everyone, My name is Sal. I'm a student and working on my English transation homework. Scenario : I have ...
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by sal
0 answers
Grammar use
using ' about and present continuous tense.
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by Ko Thargyi
0 answers
The article by Barros (2007) provides various insights about business process architecture linking it with different industry and functional needs.
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by ankith
2 answers
Would you please address (and help stomp out) the egregious -- and unfortunately, increasingly common -- use of "to not"? ...
0 votes, asked Aug 16 '15 by G Setters
1 answer
Past participle construction
Are the following two sentences both acceptable, is only one acceptable, or is one preferred? If both are acceptable, I ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 15 '15 by Diana Burke
1 answer
When you come or came
My friend texted me this. When you came over do you want to go swimming stright away or play out ...
grammer 0 votes, edited Aug 17 '15 by dats deprogrammer
1 answer
The omission of "is"
"They find it ___ appropriate to ...." Can we omit "is"?
omit is 0 votes, asked Aug 15 '15 by Billy
2 answers
Use of Unless
study hard now or you will regret. Begin : Unless........
0 votes, asked Aug 15 '15 by NUPUR ROY
1 answer
Differences in Grammar Textbooks?
Hi all, I have a couple of general grammar questions hopefully someone can clear up for me. As I've been ...
Verbs language participle +1 vote, asked Aug 14 '15 by Francesca
1 answer
Should I use "by" or "at" His words?
People came from near and far to hear His teachings and were astounded by His words.
0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Susan
1 answer
Comma usage
Is the comma here correct - or should it be a semi-colon? His view would be endorsed by most, the ...
0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Miranda
1 answer
subject verb agreement
Q: between you and me neither of us is correct my doubt is whether its "us are correct" or "us ...
0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by dexter
3 answers
Supply question tags to the following sentences:
Kindly check them are they right ? 1. She has got the highest mark, ................... ? 2. The boys have ...
question tag 0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Nikki
1 answer
Grammar, words correctly spelt however missing a letter , eg an "s"
Hi can you help with the below grammar problem? Example- I was wondering how many time it will take me ...
0 votes, edited Aug 16 '15 by Greg
1 answer
why it is used of present perfect form?
Many of his inventions have been in the area of artificial intelligence.
1 0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by isaac
2 answers
Spotting Possible Errors
"In those times almost everyone knew how to handle a horse. Today, fewer people learn to ride and even fewer ...
-1 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Ateendriya Gupta
2 answers
Making reference to a corporation whose name starts with "The"
A corporation's name is "The Richard Ford Foundation." When referring to the corporation, which is correct? I want to talk ...
0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Patrick Castonguay
1 answer
Complete sentences
Is "watch out for the cat" a complete sentence ?
0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Lane Miller
1 answer
Is "Thanks for wasting your time on me." correct?
0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Krystel
1 answer
What is it called when someone does something illeage, then have there charges dropped, because the crime was for the ...
exonerated aquitted 0 votes, asked Aug 13 '15 by Stephan Cunningham
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