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rung or rang
what is rule about saying rung or rang
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by Frances North
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pronoun usage
pronoun is not singular usage See example: The physician should ensure each patient has an understanding of their condition and ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by Lisa Johnson
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the maestro that is the answer
Prologue 1. Who is the author of The Maestro? 2. What is the purpose of the prologue in a novel? ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by nicole chaulk
1 answer
"All faculty members, including we [WE or US?] who teach history, must attend the meeting." "Many professors, including I [orME?] ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 08 '14 by michael Rooke-Ley
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lack of coherence
yesterday my teacher while checking my answer said that it is laciong coherence. i am not able to understand what ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by ahmed
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Does this sentence make sense?
"You only speak about crap like you guys getting cash." I'm writing a story and i want the main character ...
+1 vote, edited Feb 08 '14 by jon
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ow Hto use that is
Does this sentence sound ok? See example: Still, Researchers carryon as though biological determinism is the call of the day, ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 08 '14 by Rebecca Velasco
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How to cancel
How do I cancel my acocunt
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by lisa fuller
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how do you know when to say a and an
thanx in advance
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '14 by youngwook kang
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Business Paper
I want to know what to use other than company this is not my business. also what do I use ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 07 '14 by afara lee-harris
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(respectful - respected - respectable - respective) choose
It is not…………to speak rudely to older people. a. respectable b. respectful c. respective d. respected
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by eslam0123
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Is use of the word regards correct in the following? With regards t the day you were admitted, please reate ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Nancy
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passive voice
they have awarded the nobel prize to some outstanding women: the passive form of this sentences: the nobel prize has ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by akram akram
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In using the word "that" before a clause, does the clause modify "class" or "card games"?
Which is correct? "TP represents a class of card games that follow the scoring rules of poker" or "TP represents ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Arthur Pfeiffer
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use the verb in in suitable form
1.I ........ ( give) a prize by the chief guest. 2.You ..... not read every chapter ( use a quasi ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Jothi Vel
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passive & active forms
Dear All, As I know the verbs “increase” and “decrease” don’t normally occur in the passive form. What about the ...
passive active 0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Lola
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Is this sentence ok
Miguel family has a new beginnig, this is a chance for them to start over and become closer. See example: ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Lizzie Thompson
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Passive Verbs
I need a tip for reducing passive verbs in my writing.
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Susan Layton
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line is not complete
There should be some more plans in terms of securing our planet from climate change See example: There should be ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by jagmeet
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pronoun agreement
How can I make this sentence accurate? See example: Involving the family in the students' progress in the subject area ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by tina dress
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greg caught another large bass.
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '14 by Yolanda
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How to deal with verb complexes in Sentence Analysis
Hi there, I have an important exam very soon, and I am so confused when it comes to sentence analysis... ...
Sentence Analysis grammar verb complement 0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by samir
1 answer
Conditional sentences.
I do not know what needs to be change according to this sentence. Please help?? See example: Instead, I found ...
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by jenna
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questions about diffrent meaning
1-determination-decide2-trap-arrest3-responde-reply-answer4-evidence-registration-record5-lime-lemon6-instrument-tool7-huge-enormous-giant-tremendous-gigantic8-warrant-verdict9-turn around-gone back-return10-monster-freak11-aisle-hall12-take a bath-take a shower13-get dress-wear-get dressed-come dressed14-smile-laugh15-hilarious-funny16-farm-field17-any body-any one18-sentence-warrant19-fella-boy friend20-figured-think
-1 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by masoumeh
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English grammar
Hi, guys. I am a Korean student studying English for a couple of reasons. While studying the book 'Grammar in ...
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by John Jaehyun Kim
1 answer
Documents Review
How can I have my document review and be summitted to me with all the errors corrected? See example: It ...
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by Stewart Gbenpelle
2 answers
Is "behind them" OK?
The king's men set out in pursuit of the spies, and the city gate was shut behind them.
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by Susan
0 answers
Have or Has
When writing about proportions (percentages), should I use have or has? i.e. The proportion of cases that improved has increased ...
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by Linkesh
1 answer
Correction help!
How do I rearrage this so it is right? See example: I was beginning to feel like I would be ...
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by Kayla Esparza
1 answer
three hundred
how do i say thay someone was born in 300 ad See example: However, in the late three hundreds, a ...
0 votes, asked Feb 06 '14 by Stephanie Thompson
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