1 answer
is this sentence correct? "Maya fet badly tha she had to chose one icecream flavor so she chose chocolate an ...
grammar pronouns Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Oct 15 '15 by Sarah
0 answers
figure of speech
what time of figure of speech is.. That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles,And my daddy said, "Stay away ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by taylor humphreys
1 answer
If a compound verb follows a conjunction, then is it a clause?
"Tom went to the store and bought ice." This is an example of a compound verb. Tom does two verbs ...
Conjunction clause compound verb 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Grant M
1 answer
Is this sentence correct?
" He has the same rights I have" "He has the same rights as me" Which one is gramartically correct? ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Drake Ian
1 answer
Examples where a dependent clause following an independent clause needs a comma.
Hello all, So I've been reading up on the use of clauses and have come across something that I don't ...
commaplacement comma dependent independent Clauses 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Joseph
0 answers
Esol 200 grammer question
I think the main problem with the Sigma Exam is that our applicants who don’t speak English as their first ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by prabhjot kaur
1 answer
Board Evaluation
Is this worded correctly or how can it be better? Annually, the Board will conduct an evaluation of itself by ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Lee
0 answers
VC has been aranged on 16th Oct
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Bhargava sharma
1 answer
Help to take a part "Thanks in advance"
Hi :) I've heard that a common phrase "Thanks in advance" if it is used at the end of a ...
advance favour 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Vadim
2 answers
But: Contrast and Concession
Hi, I'm a English student in Iran and its my 2nd term in this course, so most classes are in ...
contrast 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Mehdi
1 answer
THe grammer about "keep"
"the initial load applied to each testing rigidfix is 7.5 pounds and it will keep about 15 minutes" or "the ...
keep 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Snow Cong
2 answers
Can someone help edit my essay please
Hi, my common application essay is due in 2 days can someone pelase read it over and give me constructive ...
College essay common application +1 vote, asked Oct 14 '15 by angie
2 answers
Email writing
Where is your email writing/checking option??
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by harsh
0 answers
Does this make sense
Im writing a poem about war for a history project but im using a word im not to clear of ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by cass
0 answers
use of comma with "that is"
Please suggest which sentence is correct:(1) Who is the addressee, that is, the person to whom the letter will be ...
comma +1 vote, asked Oct 13 '15 by Santanu Maity
2 answers
Whats the Best way to rewrite this sentence
Cows are allowed to wander anywhere in India sometimes one has to dodge them in the city streets.
0 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by Jovita Thompson
0 answers
Hypens with semi
Is the correct spelling semi-formal or semiformal?
+1 vote, asked Oct 13 '15 by Dana Croswhite
1 answer
Can I address someone by their name in the body of an email? Or just once if I am writing ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by clay lynch
1 answer
MFA in apposition
May I use MFA as an abbreviation of "Master of Fine Arts" in apposition to the holder of the degree? ...
MFA in apposition 0 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by Roger Putzel
1 answer
Tense agreement for complex sentence
Going on a hook-up safari on Tinder, Ok Cupid, Hinge or Happn, cropped body parts serve as our proxy. This ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by ceciliahslee
0 answers
Merry Movie Christmas
Can I say "Merry Movie Christmas", if I mean something like "Merry Films-Filled Christmas" and it should be on a ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by tereza
0 answers
The action to be taken mention
The action to be taken mention
+1 vote, asked Oct 13 '15 by Surendra
0 answers
I want to ask some technology experts to help me to find the issue
please help me to find out what is causing this issue
+1 vote, asked Oct 13 '15 by sowjanya
1 answer
Why do we say "send her the e-mail" and not "send TO her the e-mail"? Thanks
+1 vote, asked Oct 13 '15 by FEDERICA BIONDI
2 answers
Grammar - need explanation
Grammar question:A platypus is a furry animal. Furry is the adjective. What is the noun it is modifying in the ...
+2 votes, asked Oct 13 '15 by Trish
2 answers
How can u find the agactive in a sentenc?
+1 vote, asked Oct 12 '15 by Brianna
1 answer
Comparative or superlative??
Of the two candidates for this government position, Jose Maria is the ________ his experience in field. A. most qualified ...
0 votes, edited Oct 12 '15 by Francis Devasaranam
0 answers
which comes frist time or place?
The regular season will begin on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, who ...
+1 vote, asked Oct 12 '15 by ak
1 answer
Decades - plural or possessive
In writing about a decade, is it "In the 1930's," or "In the 1930s," ?
Decades years 0 votes, asked Oct 12 '15 by Gene Eggleston
2 answers
subject verb agreement
can you correct this sntence for me? This is one reason why some people does not attent college because of ...
0 votes, asked Oct 12 '15 by charless
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