1 answer
which of the two sentance is right give thanks to GOD in any situation you face in life,or give thanks ...
0 votes, asked Apr 26 '15 by LILIAN MANKA
1 answer
Hi there, I'd like to have your interpretation of the following sentence(from an airline's Terms and Conditions): You shall submit ...
meaning 0 votes, asked Apr 26 '15 by meripopova61
2 answers
Beginning a sentence with a preposition
I am having trouble figuring out if it would be incorrect for someone to use prepositions at the beginning of ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Apr 26 '15 by Alice
1 answer
Correct Form Of Sentence.
I have so much going on? Is this a Sentence Or Should I say? I have a lot going in ...
0 votes, asked Apr 26 '15 by Alexandria
1 answer
Hi, apologies if this is duplicated can I use eloquently in below Thanx!
As Ric disappeared from view, Sara knew she had executed her responsibilities perfectly, handing him over to Gayle eloquently when ...
0 votes, asked Apr 26 '15 by Allie-Millie
0 answers
Explain the link between the develpoment of renewable energy and the economy?
0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by Ravo Samaroo
2 answers
Pronoun case following infinitive to be
"The committee decided the winner to be HE or HIM?"
0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by Pete Gardner
1 answer
can you look over papers for errors and how to i do that
This week’s assignment we read about telehealth, mobile heath applications, informatics and public health. The intent of technology is to ...
can you look over this 0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by Sharon Domansky
2 answers
A: Would you like ___ orange? B: Yes please. A: Would you like ___ big one or ___ small one? ...
0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by Irfan
3 answers
Why......classical music? a)are you like b)do you like c)you like
-1 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by andrew sameh
1 answer
What do these "their" s refer to ?
Please look at the reading below; It has been constantly repeated that the sociologist should abstain from judging the human ...
southkoreanteachers ebs their reference 0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by kimsungtae
1 answer
help to enable grammarly
Help me enable grammarly. The program is still under the control panel.
help to enable grammarly +2 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by JC Page
1 answer
Adjective or Verb?
In the sentence "Did the cafeteria run out of bread but still have peanut butter and jelly stockpiled away?", does ...
part of speech 0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by Benjamin
1 answer
correct this sentence
he has taken the photos. Is this sentence correct or not?
0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by Vijila Rajesh
1 answer
Which one is correct?
"Leave your answer on our facebook page & you're entered to for a chance to win." OR "Leave your answer ...
to for 0 votes, edited Apr 27 '15 by HNLHNL
0 answers
Correct use of commas?
Hi, I'm currently on a proofreading course, and reading several grammar/punctuation books alongside it. I've learnt that there are four ...
commas punctuation 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by Liz
1 answer
"Night" to mean "near" or "almost"?
I sometimes see the word "night" used in in phrases like "the time is night" or "night-invulnerability" that seem to ...
grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by ja tiezja
0 answers
what is the typical organization of an argument essay
0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by Carolina Estrella
0 answers
'Much more powerful than enough'' İs this phrase correct?
''You wont be just powerful enough. İf you are willing, you will be much more powerful than enough.'' Can ı ...
much more powerful than enough 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by mehmet akyar
1 answer
grammatical problem
hello, could you tell me is this sentence true or false? if it is false could you give me the ...
0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by Ali
2 answers
susceptible to...
I have a (very bright) ESL student who wrote "Obese people are susceptible for chronic diseases." When I corrected (susceptible ...
ESL Prepositions 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by c.y.
1 answer
sense of smelling or smelling sense
Hello, I'm wondering if it is correct to say sense of smelling or, alternatively, smelling sense. Thanks in advance for ...
0 votes, edited Apr 24 '15 by John
1 answer
List all of the Adverbs in this sentence.
Slowly but surely the tortoise won the race.
adverbs 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by Sean
3 answers
subject/ verb agreement
Which sentence is correct and why? Which hobbies does your sister enjoy? or Which hobbies do your sister enjoy?
0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by Amina Lokhat
1 answer
due diligence
How should this term be used?
0 votes, asked Apr 23 '15 by Susan Schmeling
1 answer
Do nouns need modifiers
If I say "men like dressing like women" is that grammatically correct? I say that you have to have a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 23 '15 by Old Grammar Guy
1 answer
What is colon in English?
colon 0 votes, asked Apr 23 '15 by Jheel
3 answers
I vs Me
Recently, an old post on Facebook has come back to create quite the stir. There was a picture and the ...
0 votes, asked Apr 23 '15 by Julie
1 answer
Them or they
(Them,They) and I were on the championship team.
0 votes, asked Apr 23 '15 by nesreen
1 answer
write in negative sentence
Where there is smoke there is fire.
0 votes, asked Apr 23 '15 by Seyie
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