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Far from + ADJ?
As far as I know, following "far from" must be "something" or "being something". However, I found an example illustrating ...
far-from +1 vote, asked May 09 '15 by Hana Nguyễn
2 answers
Which is correct: If a school were permitted to have only one training, this is the one! or If a ...
+1 vote, asked May 09 '15 by Teresa Vaughn
1 answer
Who or whom
Should I use who or whom in the following sentence? "She is a funny person who/whom I think would be ...
whom +1 vote, asked May 08 '15 by Sofia
1 answer
Correct apostrophe usage
All the examples I can find in regards to correct apostrophe usage alsways have the noun that is being possessed ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked May 08 '15 by Mike
2 answers
Drop by
Can you say 'I might drop by at your office'?
+1 vote, asked May 08 '15 by Kethaki
1 answer
differences in two sentences
its me, you all are misunderstood. its me,you all have misunderstood. which sentence is correct??
0 votes, asked May 08 '15 by Chandani
2 answers
children books vs children's books
This question was based off of a dialogue about a girl who had a box of children's books. Q: What's ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '15 by Rachel
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Agreement of Verb with the Subject
Once I had the opportunity to witness the warm welcome that the two American ministers ____________ (was/were)given in Paris.
was-were 0 votes, asked May 08 '15 by Suchetana Sen
3 answers
Which is correct?
Hi there! Could anyone tell me which one is correct and why? 1) The length of neither of the sides ...
either neither 0 votes, edited May 08 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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you've vs you
"If you've ever had..." vs "If you ever had..." Which is the correct way to say it?
0 votes, asked May 08 '15 by Beth
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What is/are the verbal(s) in the following: I would rather spend an hour criticizing your choice than defending mine.
verbals 0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by Mary Lou
1 answer
he is bringing his vehicle for maintenance
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by nana yaw
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I need help with comma placement.
Hi, First Question, Guests at Royal Hotel may have either complimentary buffet breakfast, or for an extra charge, dishes from ...
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by Ross Tulloch
1 answer
Grammar and usage.
(1) Stop planting flowers in peoples' gardens who aren't going to water them. (2) Stop planting flowers in the gardens ...
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by Richard Morton
3 answers
indicated or indicates?
The document has 2 pages. Which one is correct? 1. The record indicated the document has two pages. 2. The ...
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by mickey
1 answer
Does Farmers Market need an apostrophe?
My local newspaper and the Farmers' Market itself consistently leave out the apostrophe. Is there some archane rule under which ...
Businesses apostrophes 0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by Kathryn Johnson
1 answer
Singular or plural noun/verb?
Can anyone tell me which is the correct verb in the below sentence (and why, so I can learn)? Thank ...
is-are singular plural +1 vote, asked May 07 '15 by KDL
2 answers
will vs would in this case
"if I eat a fried chicken at night I would be persuade to lead a healthy life by my mother" ...
will would 0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by 최인탁
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Use of Present Perfect and Past Simple.
Hello, I would like to know if I can use both Present Perfect and Past Simple when describing a graph ...
grammar Verbs tenses +1 vote, asked May 07 '15 by Dominique Lepore
1 answer
linked with/to
This topic is linked with the previous one. or This topic is linked to the previous one.
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by tonio
1 answer
Is "Stop shopping a lot!" correct?
Is "Stop shopping a lot!" grammatically correct? Or should I say "Stop shopping too much!" I find it strange to ...
+1 vote, asked May 07 '15 by Karen Wong
1 answer
Singular or plural
Which of the following answer is correct: I have a pair of shoes. answer one: They look like boats. answer ...
a pair of shoes 0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by yirkyinmok
1 answer
The checklist was given OR the checklist is given? im still confuse regarding the tense please help me....
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by amalina
2 answers
Capital I or lower case i
I am writing an essay on Indigenous peoples human rights. Should I write Indigenous peoples or indigenous people (lower case)?
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by Robyn Waters
2 answers
true or false
I surely go to school tomorrow
0 votes, asked May 07 '15 by Anil Krishnan
2 answers
An electric iron rated 250v has a coil of resistance 125v. what is the cost of using it for 1hour ...
123521 -1 votes, asked May 06 '15 by michael
1 answer
Question or Statement?
The other day I was solving a maths problem when I came across this sentence. What's true of a parallelogram ...
punctuation Wh-question 0 votes, asked May 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
On Sunday, On a Sunday, On Sundays
Hi there! Little help here. Is each of the following sentences correct and do each of them mean the same? ...
week Articles Determiners 0 votes, edited May 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Puzzling Comma Use
Is a comma needed after "May" in the following sentence? Either way, what is the grammar rule dictating its use ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked May 06 '15 by Ryan Funkhouser
3 answers
Help me how to understand this reduced relative clause
Bill Clinton, being born in Arkasas, was US President from 1999 to 2001.Why " being born" is used ? Why ...
0 votes, asked May 06 '15 by phu
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