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Which is correct sentence? "Linux Nitro" or "Nitro Linux"?
Which is correct sentence? "Linux Nitro" or "Nitro Linux"? I want the one that perfectly describe the Nitro like car ...
0 votes, asked Jul 05 '15 by Rack Pulse
0 answers
Error in grammar
'The colt never performs well on any surface but grass." Is this sentence correct?
0 votes, asked Jul 04 '15 by nadine
0 answers
Being or Been?
I want to tell my friend that i have been waiting for him from years so shuld i write the ...
being +1 vote, asked Jul 04 '15 by Rose
0 answers
English Gramer
Is it correct to write..? "If someone passinately loves to live, difficult for one is seeing the life going away"
Farhan 0 votes, asked Jul 04 '15 by saif ali
0 answers
change into reported form
I've expalined,"you are'nt in fault."
0 votes, asked Jul 04 '15 by Jiya Nadeem
1 answer
The correct form of the past tense
I'm starting to learn English and I have one question to U. Please, tell me what a difference between "In ...
past grammar +1 vote, asked Jul 04 '15 by Alex
0 answers
Past tense within past tense - Flashback within a flashback
Hello, I have a question about tense. I always wonder which one should be used. Shouls past tense be used ...
tenses past pastperfecttense 0 votes, asked Jul 04 '15 by Terrica Duncan
1 answer
First conditional
Hello there! Does the "first conditional" always imply that "the thing mentioned is very likely to happen"? Consider these examples: ...
if-conditional 0 votes, edited Jul 03 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Finding error
Although Sarah studies all week for her exam, she scored liwer than she hoped.Can you tell what is the mistake ...
errors 0 votes, asked Jul 03 '15 by Gina Lanuzo
1 answer
The use of the word 'housebound'
Please help me to use that word correctly in English. Is it okay to say 'I am housebound or I ...
0 votes, asked Jul 03 '15 by pink ashey
2 answers
The use of past tenses
Hy everybody. The tenses in English drive me really crazy from time to time. Please help me with the next ...
pastsimple pastperfect 0 votes, asked Jul 03 '15 by Anastasia Paslavskaya
1 answer
What is the plural of Socrates? "They are sat around like a collection of Socrates."
Plurals 0 votes, asked Jul 03 '15 by Tony Prost
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Is this sentence right?
Moreover, he heard a couple of thefts last night near their neighborhood.
0 votes, asked Jul 03 '15 by Miss Ecah
2 answers
Meaning of this sentence
What does this sentence mean? He died a young man. Does it mean "He was young when he died"? Also, ...
meaning died 0 votes, asked Jul 03 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
subject verb agreement
Reading is fundamental. Books are fundamental. Which combined sentence is correct? Reading books is fundamental. or Reading books are fundamental.
subject-verb agreement 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Jason Woods
0 answers
Capitalization of Grand Marshal
In the context of a race, would the words "Grand Marshal" be capitalized? Would it depend on whether or not ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Al Guien
1 answer
One who is diagnosed
Looking for the correct way to reference "a person who was diagnosed with xyx" in a more concise manor. I ...
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Tyler Durden
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can i say the sentence in diffrent way
Hyundai / Kia, Isuzu and Nissan continue to put pressure on ALJ’s market position
pressure 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Krasimirov
1 answer
Use of present perfect and adjective.
We can ask a question : Have you played ......... ? Is it correct to ask : Have you intersted.... ...
interest interested present perfect adjective +1 vote, asked Jul 02 '15 by Mukund Chaskar
1 answer
Can i write the following simi formally between me and a company representative : Dear Mr. X , My apologies ...
email grammarcorrection phrases work 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Ahmed
0 answers
As per the SOW, we need 1 EBS developer and we have already extended an offer to Nalini and she will
Is it a right sentence?
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Raj
1 answer
'Is' or 'Are' in this sentence?
I know lots of similar questions have already been asked but I can't find an answer that applies to my ...
+1 vote, asked Jul 02 '15 by Philip Roberts
1 answer
Function of a phrase in the following sentence.
In following sentence, what part of speech is the phrase "one night"? One night, she drank an entire bottle of ...
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by carol.stroberg
0 answers
Odd pronounciation of the sound "r" in the words where letter "r" is absent in the U.S English
Hello there ! Once upon a time I've come to bat when I was listening a speech of Steve Jobs ...
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Vadim
2 answers
What is a polite way to address to a strange (unknown) woman ?
Hello ! It seems on the last week I've noticed watching news on TV the U.S Supreme Court affirmed constitutionality ...
+1 vote, asked Jul 02 '15 by Vadim
1 answer
Their color is different. Their colors are different.
Which one is correct? "Their color is different" or "Their colors are different." The example is comparing two things i.e. ...
is are different comparison 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by William
1 answer
Active Noun
Mission: If the "mission" building is a noun and going on a "mission" are both nouns, is one an active ...
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by John Dolan
1 answer
I want to hve this sentence changed in negative semtence
Please answer this.(QUESTION BELOW) 1.Empty vessels make the most noise. Thank You
+1 vote, asked Jul 02 '15 by Yash Singh
1 answer
difference in meaning
Do these two sentences differ in meaning? I don't remember her birthday. I don't remember when her birthday is. This ...
meaning Birthday 0 votes, edited Jul 02 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Punctuation with semi colon and a quotation
When writing in American style, can I put a semi-colon that was not part of the original quote before the ...
semi-colon quotation punctuation 0 votes, asked Jul 01 '15 by Mary Reinhardt
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