1 answer
greeting at the beginning of a letter
I opened my letter with "Dear Ms. Winfield," grammarly says I need to rephrase it, any suggestions? See example: Dear ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Dorothy Bradley-Shelton
1 answer
had better
You had better wait until the policeman _____? should the answer be come, comes, had come or will come
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Yania
0 answers
Or this sentence
Last year, Jacq's MIFSA worker suggested it would be a good idea to update Jacq's diagnosis, and Polly was key ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Jacq Felis
3 answers
I cannot see what is wrong with this sentence
Any suggestions? See example: Polly has been most knowledgeable, and encouraging, in helping Jacq to resolve a long standing matter ...
0 votes, edited Feb 01 '14 by Jacq Felis
1 answer
Need help resolving a sentence
Does anyone have a suggestion on how this sentence can be reworded? See example: I'm sure that if John Delmont ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Diogenes Ruiz
0 answers
explanation of hispanic values
nursing students and hispanic world view See example: In addition, the importance of involving the family and significant other in ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Carol Pool
0 answers
Hispanic nursing students
Is this sentence correct? See example: It will be necessary to use some of the studies done on A.D.N. and ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Carol Pool
0 answers
motorcyclists and passengers wearing helmets
Motorcyclists and passengers and passengers should wear a helmet, as a safety precaution and to reduce fatalities,to reduce the cost ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Anita Britt
1 answer
I am havign problem understanding my error
does any one have better idea See example: I am hoping to collaborate with you, and others students to successfully ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '14 by Javier Zurita Chacon
1 answer
who or whom you love
What is the difference between who you love and whom you love ? As in, you can't help who/whom you ...
+1 vote, edited Jan 31 '14 by Kat
0 answers
writing quotes of conversation
Is there a rule of grammar on which quotes are to be in the paragraph and which may stand alone ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '14 by Polly Moore
2 answers
Contraction - why is it's incorrect?
I'm trying to work out why it's incorrect to use it's in the following sentence: My opinion would be that ...
contractions +1 vote, asked Jan 31 '14 by Julia Day
1 answer
select the correct answer
there are _ than sixty boys in the class. a)no few b)no lesser c)no fewer d)loss
-1 votes, asked Jan 31 '14 by Irfan Khan
2 answers
Subject Verb Agreement - Exceptions
Should we use "see" or "sees" in the following sentence: If a child see an advertisement, he might be greatly ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '14 by Low Hon Chau
3 answers
"is" or "are" when the subject is a a collective noun
Which is correct: Most of the team is away? or Most of the team are away? Thanks!
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '14 by Graham
1 answer
any more money VS. take money anymore
I can't take any more money from my father. VS. I can't take money anymore from my father. Is there ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '14 by Hans
1 answer
rules for the spelling of compound words?
Are there any rules for the spelling of compound words that we frequently use together such as "all right" or ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '14 by char clough
0 answers
Disabling Grammarly Add-in in MS word 2010
I just downloaded the grammarly add-in for the very first time, although it is working fine but im having trouble ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Mick Anderson
1 answer
simple sentences
convert the sentences into simple sentences 1.not only she did finish the cooking but aso garnished it beautifully. 2.shall i ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by najmi
1 answer
was and were
when to use was and were
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Robbie Roberts
1 answer
For a research paper
Need to fix the conjdition sentance See example: When Sammy meets the young lady he names Queenie, Sammy envisions her ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Sade
1 answer
my paper
In this senctence i don't know what to change See example: After doing my research I am going to write ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by marylin Brock
0 answers
Spelling of Lay and Lie differents tenses
I get confused with the spelling of the verbs LAY and LIE, in regards to both definitions: To go horizontal ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Greg Closser
1 answer
"Cheerleader Auditions" or "Cheerleaders Auditions" I'm fairly certain it is the first, but I'm not sure why. They are each ...
singular plural +1 vote, asked Jan 30 '14 by rosdrise
0 answers
how can i re-word this? See example: I would like to thank you for your continued support of the visit ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Valerie Samper
0 answers
Church prayer - correction advice
To my knowledge the following church prayer is grammatically wrong as it gives a negative message. Please correct the same ...
-1 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Moncy Varghese
1 answer
meaning of a sentence
What does it mean the sentence - And the devil is not bad to his own.
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by VESELINA ANGELOVA
1 answer
Using the word 'off' to express quantities...
Hello I wondered whether you could help me. I work in the engineering field and I have noticed that when ...
quantities 0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by Sarah
0 answers
placement of comma
Where do I place the comma in this sentence... Since they are all working weekends will be an appropriate time.
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '14 by MA. RILLYN A. JAVIER
1 answer
were as a question
Is it incorrect to say...."Were there not any cookies left?"
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '14 by tonya
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