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Is "have difficulty" OK in this sentence? Or, is 2nd sentence better?
Most Christians have difficulty in comprehending God’s unconditional love. Most Christians find it diffult to comprehend God's unconditional love.
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Susan
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What is the figure of speech for he was a volcano , unable to contain himself
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by zack
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Is "circumstances" and "conditions" redundant? Is "or" OK, or should I put "and"
Unlike human love, God’s love is not dependent on circumstances or conditions.
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Susan
1 answer
She has a long hair Or She has long hair. Which one of them is correct?
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Black Pearle
1 answer
Word order
Which is correct? My and Tom's dog or Tom's and my dog
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Jo Bowman
1 answer
passive to active voice
A video was shown to the students
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Dasari Zenith
1 answer
common nouns used in dialogue
"Happy Birthday, son/Son!""Thank you, father/Father."Which is right? With capital or no capital. Thank you.
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by freewilly
1 answer
Grammar help: singular they?
would a sentence like this be correct? the bomb squad informed that they can detect a bomb.The bomb squad is ...
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Lu
1 answer
verb tense
Hello! I need your help...please!!! I'm writing a school report about a Saint. I would like to know which of ...
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Miramon Nuevo
1 answer
What is the piper way to say or write this sentence? " Hannah and I went to the mall." Or ...
0 votes, asked Feb 03 '15 by Mandy turner
1 answer
correct verb usage
Teen Idols tell the history of three singers of the 1960s whose popularity suddenly vanished.
0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by robert
0 answers
Working/grammar for a tagline
Hi, I'm trying to help my sister with a mission statement. Right now, she has : a team of ...
who that plural singular 0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by Hanni Yothers
1 answer
When to use Who & Whom
Lily had to figure out (who, whom) sent her the surprise package.
0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by Tina
2 answers
checking for plagiarism
Please help me figure out how to check a text for plagiarism, Thank you, Ella
+1 vote, asked Feb 02 '15 by Ella Prejzner
0 answers
change into passive
the boys didnt make any mistake
0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by saima
1 answer
Isn't this a fragment?
I found this sentence but it looks like a fragment to me. Am I wrong? "In addition to Standard Precautions, ...
fragment +1 vote, asked Feb 02 '15 by Noelia Bonilla
1 answer
The grammar of participles
Asked by teacher, I have no idea how to start. Can anyone tell me which word fits this sentence? ___________ ...
participles 0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by Napaked Hirunyakowit
1 answer
Meaning of a sentence
What does the following sentence mean? I don't take leaving you lightly.
0 votes, edited Feb 02 '15 by Ema Kis
1 answer
Hi, I would like to know why is the sentence "Is it possible for you" is correct. How do we ...
0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by Jade
1 answer
hyphenation vs one or two words in signup, email, and online
It is correct to write "Please sign up for the class." using two words for sign up, right? When the ...
hyphanate compound email online +1 vote, asked Feb 02 '15 by amy carr
1 answer
Please could you tell me which of the following options I should select? Of all relatives, John comes early (often, ...
COMPARISONS 0 votes, asked Feb 01 '15 by eva
1 answer
what change should be made?
We were both surprised at what close friends we had became.
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '15 by neale vasques
0 answers
use of comma with interrupter in compound sentence
If a compound sentence has an interrupter in it after the "and," would the comma be placed after the "and" ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '15 by Mary Watters
0 answers
Problem with understanding a sentence
Hi there, There is a book that i am Translating, and this sentence i cant understand Sentence : on a ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '15 by duztdari
1 answer
Incorrect use of prepositional phrase?
I think it's incorrect to say it's "too nice of a day" and should be "too nice a day. Which ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '15 by Maureen Altman
0 answers
Revising the following memo to improve you-attitude
Subject: Status of Building Renovations We are happy to announce that the renovation of the lobby is not behind schedule. ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '15 by Leah Johnson
2 answers
sentence correction
is this correct sentence? "All of we are students"
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '15 by Tozammel Hossain Tushar
1 answer
she is so careful a driver ?
Hi, "She is so careful a driver. " Is it correct grammar? My english text book says it's correct. but ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '15 by sherie
3 answers
Obstacle to
Which of the below sentences is correct? why? 1. We have to overcome the obstacle to put on the show ...
to obstacle preposition 0 votes, asked Jan 31 '15 by alan
1 answer
Bow at or Bow to
When you bow, you bow at something or to something?
+1 vote, asked Jan 31 '15 by Sumio
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