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i want to check my sentence which is correct or not grammatically
One day i will be that what you want, but i never will be that what i want.
gramar 0 votes, asked Jun 29 '15 by Bhavesh patil
2 answers
Does 'please give me a little time' sound weird?
Hi. I'm translating a Japanese presentation script and it opens with a phrase that directly translates to "please give me ...
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '15 by Polly
1 answer
Grammar check
Are these sentences grammatically correct? We have a family of five. We are a family of five. I'm from a ...
grammar 0 votes, edited Jun 29 '15 by Abdul Quadir
3 answers
Subject verb agreement
The rule is if the subject is singular then the verb is singular: if the subject is plural the verb ...
+2 votes, asked Jun 29 '15 by Doug MacQueen
0 answers
Do you Hyphenate High Profile?
I am writing the sentance "He managed several high-profile projects." Do I hyphenate high profile because it is an adjective?
hyphenation hyphen hyphenated 0 votes, asked Jun 28 '15 by Kevin W. Gates
1 answer
Usage of the word "unlike"
Hello there! Are these sentences grammatically correct and do they make sense? Unlike sending an e-mail, sending a text message ...
grammar Sentence 0 votes, asked Jun 28 '15 by Abdul Quadir
2 answers
Two apostrophes in one word?
Can a word have two apostrophes, such as, "... a friend of my mum's' house..."? It looks strange, but if ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 28 '15 by Miss S.
1 answer
surname before or after the word "family"
Is one more grammatically correct, or is it a matter of preference? The family Jones The Jones family
+1 vote, asked Jun 28 '15 by Nora
0 answers
sentence interpretation
why have we used "attractive of reasons" instead of "attractive reasons" in the sentence given below: Higher education in India ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 28 '15 by drishti
2 answers
Can co-ordinating conjunctions be used separately?
He is good, but I am bad. This is the structure generally used to conjoin two independent clauses. But can ...
Conjunction +1 vote, asked Jun 28 '15 by Deep
1 answer
Just Began
Hi Can you say "World War III Just Began" or Holiday just began? To me it seems a bit weird.?
+1 vote, asked Jun 27 '15 by Zayn OG
2 answers
Preposition - ON, IN, AT
1. The children are playing on/in/at the playground. Which is the best one to use ? Are they all correct ...
playground preposition in on at +1 vote, asked Jun 27 '15 by evelyn lim
0 answers
Is it grammatical to say....
with my health or on my health? which is correct?
0 votes, asked Jun 27 '15 by Jovin Kajuna
1 answer
Hello there! Little help here. Suppose A and B are brothers and C is their sister. Are these sentences correct ...
relationship 0 votes, edited Jun 27 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Present tence
I read a book. Is this correct? What tence is this?
+1 vote, asked Jun 27 '15 by gerald perera
1 answer
Sentence correction
is this sentence correct: "i shall visit your office on monday"
0 votes, asked Jun 27 '15 by Nivedita Deshpande
2 answers
How many of you have used online writing service
For the first time planing to use custom dissertation writing service but haven't any idea about how to use it ...
custom dissertation writing service 0 votes, asked Jun 27 '15 by lisabrian
0 answers
Although- In spite of
Although there were danger signs, they were swimming in the sea.Although there being danger signs, they were swimming in the ...
0 votes, asked Jun 27 '15 by Sai Okkar Kyaw
1 answer
Sentence correction
Did you checked my outline?
0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by Kamil
0 answers
I need to know if titles of groups need to be capitalized, especially if they're separated from their institution. For ...
capitalization groups names +1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by Jane Ladley
0 answers
Revise the following paragraph to eliminate any misplaces or dangling modifiers?
1. Central American tungara frogs silence several nights a week their mating croaks. 2. When not croaking, the chance that ...
0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by Jack
0 answers
special education /adaptive education
How do I get out of special education,adaptive education im 14 and I'm about to go to 9th grade August,24,2015 ...
que 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by steven
0 answers
Who/Whom in a sentence with a list
Many tribes have legends of three interwined sisters who/m can never be parted, siblings who/m live together, eat together, and ...
who whom list 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by Steven Jacobs
1 answer
wishing somebody courage and hope
What's the meaning of "wishing her courage and hope" in this sentence: ... Harold Nicolson MP wrote to his wife ...
wish courage meaning 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by Saeid Miri
2 answers
Somewhere or anywhere
Which is correct? Usually, somewhere is used with a positive sentence and anywhere with negative and interrogative sentence. What confuses ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by Z. A. Jazley
0 answers
types for shorting words
there are 8 types of shorted words:abbreviation,contraction,acronyms,initialisms and...what are the other types??
Abbreviation contraction acronyms initialisms etc +1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by hoseinmir
0 answers
What is the purpose of writing a nursing personal statement?
The nursing personal statement ought to give knowledge into the candidate's purposes behind tightening the degree system, including long haul ...
essay Name 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by florencelogan
3 answers
is this correct sentace
i was about to go to market.
0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by Sujeet Bhonsle
4 answers
what is the correct sentence
Is it correct to use words like ` better than yesterday ' in a sentence
+1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by samuel
1 answer
Examples: Go means "to proceed," but also "give out or fail," i.e., “This car could really go until it started ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by Bob Woods
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